The Hermosa Beach Little League started its season on February 29, but was only able to get a few games completed before safer at home orders and the novel coronavirus shut everything down.

Brian Singer, second year coach of Team Tower 12, a Division A team which comprises 7 and 8 year olds including his son Braxton, said organizers “didn’t think that the season was going to be cut short so quickly.”

The season ended so quickly, said Singer, they never took a team photo.

“Just a month ago, we had this great thing that occurred… it was opening day, 400 kids, brothers and sisters and families and bounce houses, and all this now gone,” Singer said.

So to right that wrong in the age of the coronavirus, over the weekend Singer had all the players and coaches stop by his home individually. They practiced good social distancing, of course, never overlapping with each other.

Singer took everyone's portrait in front of a green screen. And, then, viola, with Photoshop edited them into a team photo for the kids.

“It was very seamless. They got in, they took pictures and they were gone,” Singer said. “They said hello. Everybody knew to keep their distance, and it was pretty safe. They brought their own bats and gloves. We weren't sharing any equipment.”

It wasn't the same, of course, as being together, he said, but now they at least have a team photo.

Singer said it was “bittersweet to see the kids in their uniforms knowing that they're not having a chance to play right now.”

The team photo was also a way to thank the team’s sponsor for its support. Singer said he jogged past Tower 12 on Saturday and it was obvious the impact the coronavirus had on the Pier Plaza business.

“That place is usually jumping, there's always people on the balconies there," Singer said. "Our sponsors have been very supportive of the kids over the years.”

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