Hermosa strict skating

My name is Thomas and I’m 13 years old. I live in Hermosa Beach.

I don’t think it’s reasonable or realistic to expect parents to sign a waiver every time their kid wants to skate at the Hermosa Beach Skate Park.

This requirement (anyone under 18 years old must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver every time on site) has discourage me from skating at the park. The result is my friends and I skate around town and people do not like it.

In the past two months, I’ve skated at the El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Alondra and Westchester skate parks. None of them have a required waiver to skate there.

I love to skate and it is bummer that it is so difficult to skate at the Hermosa Beach Skate Park. I would like the rule to change so I can skate there without my parents coming with me.

—Thomas Pogue, Hermosa Beach

Airplane noise

This increase in airplane traffic is not temporary. These new designated flight paths over the beach communities will be forever. With a 300 percent increase in planes flying over our rooftops and hundreds of never-before private charters and commercial jets over the area in new flight patterns, this is a major safety concern. Hawthorne’s new private charters have guidelines and can choose to fly over industrial zones, avoiding neighborhoods and at higher altitudes to help minimize noise. They choose to fly over our homes, schools and parks. There is little concern, regarding the impacts to our families below.

Long Beach aircraft is now being directed to fly their northbound jets over the land instead of going around the PV peninsula and over the ocean. Health to our families will be affected with the increase of jet pollution (particulate jet matter ie: black goo on us and in us), increased asthma, cardiac and respiratory issues. Increased stress and anxiety from the constant noise of piercing, buzzing plane engines that can be heard 4000 feet away. Sleep disruptions (Hawthorne operating 24 hours, with flights at 1 and 3 a.m.). All airports claim they have no responsibility; the FAA claims the airports are responsible. It is a vicious circle of do-nothings. Our city representatives cannot save us alone. We need to think about the future of our homes and well-being and unite to help address this. Contact your city and ask what are they doing to address this and how you can help.

—Roxanne Ferebee, Redondo Beach

Trash talk

My compliments on Bill Sacks’ letter to editor last week about the supplementary trash services that exceed plain old trash collection in the Manhattan Beach Request for Proposals. This is the tip of the iceberg, however, when compared to the 18 percent City Recovery Cost fee surcharge imposed on top of the base price for residential collection.

This additional fee approximates to recovery $610,000 of annual additional refuse costs (in 2012 prices). About half of this fee is to cover city overhead allocated per a complex study, which includes $3,600 of “City Council Costs.” Significant other costs in the pool are the Mutt Mitt bags, replacement trash containers, special event trash pickup (including staff overtime), all trash outreach programs, subsidized compost and worm bins, and salary and benefits for a city employee to oversee the program.

Note that the basic refuse service is provided 100 percent by an outside company, yet the city manages to pile on 18 percent additional costs. There is no requirement for the city to pass these costs on to the residents or that such costs, if essential, should not be supported by our General Fund taxes. Consider that El Segundo is one of three in the State where residents do not directly pay for solid waste collection services at all.

—Gary Osterhout, Manhattan Beach

Targeting councilmember

Ms. Kissinger got one thing right in her letter last week. Councilmember Christian Horvath has ignored hundreds of residents at the dias for far too long. As a long-standing PTA member/officer, Kissinger should be well-versed in the U.S. Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education; acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience produced crisis situations and productive dialogues between activists and government authorities. History tells us these acts are a powerful way to ensure our government hears us. But Kissinger admonishes citizens who point out Horvath’s consistent voting record supporting developers and donors—never the residents.

Horvath supported adding 600 condos to the AES site, supported the illegal waterfront mall, never attended a single Coastal Commission meeting with hundreds of concerned residents, attempted to extend his own term despite voters denying increased term limits in a previous election, and voted to unnecessarily give $9 million dollars of our tax dollars to a convicted child pornographer.

Horvath’s failed promise to be an independent thinker went out the window after he accepted the largest amount of campaign money in our city’s history from developers, unions, special interest groups, city contractors and Political Action Committees.

Kissinger is sadly mistaken if she thinks Candace Nafissi should sit back and hope Horvath will do the right thing. I applaud the courage it takes to be on the front lines of the toughest conversations. Candace Nafissi didn’t sit idly by when her community needed her most. She stood by them. Horvath never has!

—Mary Simun, Redondo Beach

Turkey-free Thanksgiving

While President Trump is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a non-violent Thanksgiving observance.

And here are some other good reasons:

• You can brag about pardoning a turkey - like Trump (or not).

• You will stay awake for your entire favorite football game.

• Your sensible vegetarian kid won’t have to boycott the family dinner.

• Plant-based holiday roasts don’t have to carry government warning labels.

• You won’t have to call Poultry Hotline to keep your family out of the hospital.

• Your body will appreciate a holiday from the fat, cholesterol and hormones.

• You won’t sweat the environment and food resources devastation guilt trip.

• You won’t spend a sleepless night wondering how the turkey lived and died.

Seriously, this Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for our good fortune, health, and happiness with a life-affirming, cruelty-free feast of plant-based holiday roast, vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Our own dinner will feature a store-bought plant-based holiday roast, mashed potatoes, stuffed squash, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. An internet search on “vegetarian Thanksgiving” is getting us more recipes than we could possibly use.

—Morgan DeVicente, Manhattan Beach

Rock for Vets

For the second year in a row my family and I had the pleasure of enjoying the band “Rock For Vets” at the Joslin Center following the Veteran’s Day Ceremony in Manhattan Beach. What an amazing group of men and women. Rock for Vets is much more than just a band of great musicians. Members join the band to regain that sense of brotherhood/sisterhood they found while on active duty. Others join as a way of dealing with PTSD and other effects of war. Rock for Vets proves once again ....Music can heal, not only for those performing but those who listen. Just another example of the power of music. Thank you Manhattan Beach for supporting this amazing group of people and please keep bringing them back each year. Hopefully next year we can have even more residents stick around after the ceremony and support these men and women playing their hearts out!

—Melissa Overholt, Manhattan Beach

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