Editor’s note: Next week’s issue (Feb. 21) is the last opportunity for letters supporting candidates (Feb. 18 deadline). Our Feb. 28 issue reserved for 250-word statements from the candidates themselves. The Beach Reporter welcomes letters regarding candidates and issues for the upcoming March 2019 election. Letters will be printed on a space available basis. We will not print personal character attacks or comments that may be libelous and we limit letters from organized letter writing campaigns.

Armegeddon in Manhattan

Is there any candidate concerned about the Armegeddon-like construction ruination of our “bedroom community” and “quiet and neighborly lifestyle”? Of the 20 houses nearest to me —eight have been destroyed, basements 11- feet deep in the sand dune built in some, drilled, jack-hammered, debris ridden, vermin-attracted, loud music and yelling, frequent break-ins, people sleeping on the sites, heavy trucks destroying the plates in the street, noise, shaking, foundations of current homes shaken loose ... shall I go on? From before 7:30 a.m.—“Hey Joe! Great seeing you at the bar last night!” Every day except Sunday, the day I live for, well, actually the only day I can live in my home. Please consider limiting permits to build: no Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Yes, all have a right to build, but don’t I have a right to peace and quiet, which is what I think the no short-term rental folks are asking for?

BTW, candidates should stick to positive statements about what they are all about and leave the criticisms and negative talk about other candidates out of the discussion. I will not be voting for candidates that have made negative remarks about other candidates. As Thumper (from the movie Bambi) said, “If you cant say something nice , don’t say anything at all.”

—Lynn Harris, Manhattan Beach

Divisiveness in MB

As a 36-year Manhattan Beach resident, I am very concerned about the negativity and divisiveness that seems to have crept into the 2019 city council election. This may have existed in past elections and I’m just more conscious of it this year because of the way politics have evolved at the national level.

I am seeing some candidates (and their supporters) whose primary focus appears to be what is wrong with other candidates and what is wrong with the way the city is currently being run … despite claiming endorsements from some of those currently running the city. Let’s hear what you can contribute, what new and innovative things you can bring to city government. Improvements are always needed, but why can’t they be presented as such rather than always righting the wrongs of the past.

I was also struck by a rather disingenuous advertisement in last week’s Beach Reporter. The authors ask two current council candidates to step aside because they had previously served on the council, despite the fact that both authors of the advertisement served multiple terms on the council and some of the current council members they praise have also served multiple terms. Let’s let Manhattan Beach residents evaluate the candidates based on who they are and what they have to offer, not who is promoting them … and then decide who can best serve the needs of the city. Thank you.

—Paul G. Beswick, Redondo Beach

This MB woman says ‘Enough!’

Full disclosure—I am a Democrat and a woman. As a woman and longtime resident of Manhattan Beach, I am very upset with the attitude and behavior of Manhattan Beach’s old boys’ club. (See the advertisement: “Open Letter,” The Beach Reporter, Feb. 7, 2019; and “Revisionist History,” Easy Reader, Jan. 31, 2019). I know our city historian Jan Dennis, and I am aware of how Holmes and Lesser treated her when she was on City Council with them back in the 1980s. Their behavior was reprehensible, and if the “Me Too” movement had been around at that time, these men would have been run out of town.

They honed their tactics on Jan and, unfortunately, they are still using those tactics 30 years later in the service of the self-interests of the old boys’ network. On behalf of Jan, myself, and many of the women in Manhattan Beach, I say “Enough!”

—Lynne Gross, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Hadley

I ask everybody, no matter your political affiliation, to vote for Suzanne Hadley in the upcoming city election. National political divisions are irrelevant at city level. We are faced with practical issues of keeping our community safe, our infrastructure up to date, and our city a desirable place to live and work. Differently from other candidates, Suzanne is not backed by a senator or a party, and will not answer to either. Just to us, the citizens. She has the passion to get the job done, a well thought plan on how to reach results, a brilliant mind, and an independent spirit that will only focus on what is best for Manhattan Beach. She understood and cared for the homelessness issues in our city and worked to find compassionate and safe solutions before it became a political talking point. I respect all the running candidates. They are all our neighbors and I believe that they are all interested in resolving this issue. However, for Suzanne it is because of her interest and experience in resolving this issue that she decided to run, not the other way around. The truth is Suzanne lived her life as a positive, compassionate community builder, through her relentless volunteer work, church activities, and school engagements to help all the children of our community. She is the right woman to represent all of us. Join me and vote for her.

—Lucia La Rosa Ames, Manhattan Beach

Melodrama in Redondo

Our local candidates need to show extreme contrast to our federal government.

It is clear that our school district here in Redondo Beach is stellar and sets the standard for others to follow. However, with the growing population of minority students and the rise in stress levels of our youth, it would be good to hear our political candidates speak on how they can create more awareness and unity in their districts amongst the youth. Do they plan to rely on Beach Cities Health District or be proactive in building unity and community?

It is also very clear that there is a contentious past here in Redondo Beach with different politicians and community activists. What isn’t clear is that the longtimers acknowledge that we are a city with new faces, new opinions and a new outlook. People move here with an optimistic mind and open heart. However, that can easily be jaded by the constant personal issues that bleed into organizations that were established to better the business and lifestyle of the residents. I would love to hear how our candidates and officials can contribute to the improvement of community relations. The ugliness needs to stop. Our kids hear and read all of this melodrama. Are you a part of the problem or the solution?

—Tonya McKenzie, Redondo Beach

Muckraking in Manhattan

A few points of disagreement with the full page advertisement titled “Open Letter ...” published last week. The writers are proud of the Santa Fe railroad right of way. I was on council when the city was nearly bankrupted by that acquisition because as the city had been warned, the railroad did not have clear title and we couldn’t get title insurance. We eventually prevailed after many years of losing appellate court decisions.

The authors state: “Unless there are extraordinary circumstances we do not believe that a former councilman who has been either termed out or defeated should run again.” Yet at the last election the authors endorsed a councilman who had been termed out. I guess “extraordinary circumstances” include said candidate being charged by the District Attorney with a criminal felony and being forced to surrender his business license. Perhaps the old boy network would support Mark Burton if he were a felon.

At the last election the old boy network did hit pieces on Burton funded by folks who live far from our city. Now they decry outside influences. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

As a former mayor and five decade resident I recommend returning to a Council that listens to the residents not the back room deals. The muckraking really needs to stop. It’s a wonder that any decent folks would put up with the mudslinging to get on Council. If we’re not careful we’ll have a corrupt Council and City.

I recommend voting for Mark Burton.

—Dan Stern, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Ungoco

Joseph Ungoco has been a great neighbor and friend since I moved to Manhattan Beach. We instantly bonded over my attempts to beautify Kelp street and his knowledge of all things green and growing. He invited me to join him during his upcoming volunteer trips to the Manhattan Beach Botanical Gardens and to become a contributing member of the Friends of Polliwog Park. Joseph made me feel like I was instantly part of a community and at his core, this is who Joseph is, he wants everyone to feel included.

I admire Joseph; how he relentlessly juggles entrepreneurship, activism and family - the main things he moved to Manhattan Beach to be a bigger part of. His heart is perpetually in the right place and his head is brimming with future-proof ideas that will help propel MB forward while respecting its grounded history and beach vibes.

When I reflect on this City that I love and call home, the two main areas I wish we could all focus more on as a community are: sustainability and diversity in our representation. I know Joseph is the neighbor that will dedicate the time and heart necessary to inspire and lead the way to a more sustainable future that is achievable for all of us, and I am confident that Joseph will help MB welcome diversity in ideas as he does in friendship and neighbors.

Please vote for my dear friend and a neighbor we can all trust – Joseph Ungoco.

—Lauren Gutierrez, Manhattan Beach

Supporting incumbents in RB

I have been rather quiet concerning City politics since I am no longer your mayor in Redondo Beach. I believe that when one is out of office, they should “get out of the way” and let the current Mayor and Council do their business.

It’s been two years and I believe that I should reengage since we have a very important election right now in Redondo Beach. These are the candidates that Pam and I support. You should have received your ballot or should be receiving it shortly.

City Treasurer: Steve Diels

District 3 Councilmember: Christian Anthony Horvath

District 5 Councilmember: Laura Emdee

All of these fine people are committed to our City and have a passion for our citizens. I have known Steve, Christian and Laura for a very long time. They are, without a doubt, the most deserving, qualified and best candidates.

Important note: You may be solicited by people on the campaign trail that ask you to sign your ballot and allow them to mail it for you. Please do not do this. These people campaigning for another candidate may check the box for their candidate, not yours!

Hopefully you agree with our recommendations and send in your ballots ASAP. Every vote counts!

Thanks for reading this and we hope you have a wonderful day!

—Steve Aspel, Redondo Beach

Supporting Burton

As a thirty-five-year resident of Manhattan Beach, I have had only one occasion to attend and address a City Council meeting which was when Mark Burton was the Mayor.

I had three issues that I thought could be of value to the community, my priority issue being the installation of CCTV cameras at the major points of ingress and egress to Manhattan Beach. These CCTVs would have license plate readers and be capable of taking pictures to identify occupants of vehicles.

As a former Commander with the LAPD, I felt that this tool could be very effective with our cities geography in apprehending people committing crimes in Manhattan Beach.

I was allowed my five minutes of “fame.”

After my presentation, Mayor Burton approached me, gave me his card and asked that we speak about this in the near future. Within a short period of time I became aware the city was planning for the implantation of these cameras and today they are a reality thanks to former Mayor Burton taking this issue and moving it forward.

As a result, I enthusiastically support Mark Burton because he took talking points and put them into action. He is a concerned member of our community and wants to maintain the “feel” of our community and its safety even though we are surrounded by a megalopolis.

Please support him for City Council.

— Thomas Elfmont, El Segundo

Supporting challengers in RB

It’s vital that voters know the voting record of those running for re-election.

Redondo Council Members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath voted for the CenterCal mall in King Harbor, voted to commit $9 million to buy-out the Fun Factory lease early to make way for the mall, and voted 35 days before a city wide election to enter an agreement to lease the southern portion of King Harbor for 99 years!

Their votes to lock-in this ridiculous project regardless of the looming public vote resulted in four lawsuits brought by CenterCal - one for $15 million that has mired the City in litigation and unable to move forward with a proper revitalization for King Harbor.

More recently, Horvath and Emdee voted to end the public hearing process on the Galleria redevelopment. Luckily, they were outvoted as the developer later coughed-up another acre of land for public open space, allocated 20% for affordable housing, and committed $2 million for upgrades to Artesia Blvd.

Councilmembers Emdee and Horvath have rubber-stamped every development plan that has come before them in their four years on the Council, including the 52-unit One South project on PCH. They also blocked new Mayoral appointments to the Planning Commission that are badly needed to bring more balance and compromise to development in Redondo.

Elections matter! Please mail in your ballots by March 5th and vote for sensible growth in Redondo Beach by supporting Candace Nafissi and Mel Samples for City Council, and Eugene Solomon for City Treasurer.

—Bill Brand, Redondo Beach mayor

Supporting Diels

Steve Diels is the only real choice for Redondo Beach City Treasurer. He is the only candidate with experience, and in his current term as treasurer, he has slashed the office’s expenditures while boosting revenues for the city. His opponent, on the other hand, wants to eliminate the position entirely - in other words, eliminate direct accountability for the management of more than $100 million in taxpayer funds. We Redondo Beach residents need to be able to hold someone accountable for managing our taxpayer dollars, and we need strong oversight. Don’t let the other candidate get rid of a position that safeguards hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. Keep accountability. Keep strong oversight. Keep Steve Diels.

—Renee Sorgen, Redondo Beach

Supporting Stern

The current City Council election is in the fortunate position of having many qualified candidates, so much so that it is difficult to choose between them. As a parent of young children in our Public Schools, a strong partnership between the schools and the City Council is my primary concern. In recent years, the City AND Schools have collaborated successfully, especially with regard to safety. Most recently, the City purchased new fencing for many of our campuses. Hildy Stern wants to see the city/school connection continue to develop and grow. Although existing routes to school are currently satisfactory, Hildy would like to see them become even safer and greener. Hildy and her husband, Jeremy, were fortunate enough for their 4 children to attend our local public schools. Hildy understands the critical partnership of our shared-use facilities between the City and the District. This is a relationship that will affect anyone with children in our neighborhood. In person, Hildy is kind and approachable. Through my volunteer work in Manhattan Beach I have come to know many City Council members. I believe Hildy would be a welcome addition and an excellent collaborator with the current officials. She understands there are various points of view on a variety of issues, but also that there is room to negotiate and move forward. She is an advocate for partnerships and progress, and most importantly, the people of Manhattan Beach. It is without hesitation that I recommend Hildy Stern in her bid for City Council.

—Wysh Weinstein, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Burton and Powell

We are approaching election day to fill two seats on Manhattan Beach Council. There are many mailers, big ads in the paper, and forums. In the last Council election there was a very negative untrue mailer sent to residents just before time to vote. This year we already had a very negative and misinformed ad from a candidate. I would hope that someone who would serve on Council will put forth a positive platform of what they will accomplish, not slinging mud at others who are running. I am suspicious of someone who has to resort to negative means to slander other candidates in order to get my vote.

My vote will go to Mark Burton and Wayne Powell. They have a record of service to Manhattan Beach which I would like to see continue. They do not sink to the low attack on other candidates but put forth their platform. They have the experience to work to make their promises happen and to make Manhattan Beach more fiscally sound.

Vote for Mark Burton and Wayne Powell.

—Janet Murphy, Manhattan Beach

Response to Dennis letter

The letter from Jan Dennis (The Beach Reporter, Jan. 24) was inaccurate and misleading. Dennis feels her candidate Mark Burton lost his Manhattan Beach Council re-election bid two years ago allegedly because misinformation and half truths were spread. The voting records and performance of former council members are a matter of public record. Burton supported the hiring of an unnecessary Assistant City Manager who was paid approx. $250,000/year and given a $2.3 million home mortgage at an interest rate of less than 1%. Under Burton’s tenure the City also hired a “Manager of Economic Vitality” at a package of approx. $150,000. Fortunately, the current more fiscally responsible City Council reversed both those actions and eliminated these expensive unneeded positions with no adverse impact (but a big savings!).

In addition to expensive unnecessary additions to staff, Burton also supported awarding unnecessary expensive contracts to outside consultants during his one term tenure. Burton supported a study of our downtown by outside consultants that cost over a million dollars and proved worthless. Had the recommendations in that final report been adopted, we would have lost the small town village atmosphere of our great Downtown. Other outside consultants supported by Burton also were unnecessary and unproductive.

I trust the voters of Manhattan Beach to examine past actions and actual voting records of previous council members seeking a return to Council and make a fair determination as to whether their past records justify a return to office in our March election . Manhattan Beach is an affluent city, but our public funds should be spent responsibility and only on necessary projects and staff that enhance our excellent city.

—Bob Holmes, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Powell

I am writing an unsolicited letter of support for Wayne Powell for City Council. I have been on the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Beach Historical Society with Wayne for many years. I have seen his dedication to the community by his actions. As a former Chief Financial Officer, Wayne used his experience in the private sector to keep an eye on our taxpayer money and decrease waste....which means more money for the things that count like our schools, beaches and infrastructure.

He believes in a balanced budget, which he did every year as a councilmember and mayor...and taxes were not increased. Wayne has a proven record....I would like to see his good work continue!

—Meg Sullivan, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Powell

I am writing to give support for Wayne Powell’s decision to run again for the 2019 Manhattan Beach City Council. First and foremost his honest dedication to the city of Manhattan Beach has been demonstrated throughout the years in his service and leadership. His voting record while in office shows his open and transparent commitment to our city and community. The long list of accomplishments and awards highlights his love of Manhattan Beach and his financial direction is a rare talent as he has led Manhattan Beach with fiscal responsibility. We need the oversight of strong fiscal eyes that help guide our city to remain relevant and solid. I am proud to share my time with Wayne, on the Manhattan Beach Community Emergency Response Team (MBCERT) Executive board and find his guidance as a board member, a lesson in community service. I urge everyone to consider Wayne Powell for Manhattan Beach City Council.

—Marilyn Scott, Manhattan Beach

Supporting challengers

I deeply appreciate Redondo Beach’s Mayor Bill Brand and The City of Redondo Beach finally addressing the political mischief that has been going on way too long in City Hall. At the January 22nd City Council meeting, Mayor Brand revealed the harassment, intimidation, fraud, and deception surrounding the illegal SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuit brought against citizen-advocates, and rightfully asked one of the guilty perpetrators to step down from the GPAC Committee.

At last night’s February 5th Council Meeting, Mayor Brand, and Councilmen Loewenstein, and Nehrenheim, laid out the damaging financial consequences of Councilman Horvath’s and Councilwoman Emdee’s fatal votes for the failed CenterCal Waterfront project. Because of these votes, designed only to protect the developer interests, we learned the city now faces enormous, unnecessary, new debt.

It is clear to me that Redondo Beach has historically been under the control of what I call a “Shadow Government” that stacks our city offices, commissions, and committees with their own chosen people, specifically to serve special developer and other business interests. Bad government is the fallout.

I am grateful that the city is finally developing a code of ethics for officials in positions of leadership in Redondo Beach.

I am volunteering to elect Candace Nafissi and Mel Samples to City Council, and Eugene Solomon as City Treasurer. They will bring new, brilliant, and ethical skills to City Hall and replace the shadow government that has no place in American democracy.

—Barbara Epstein, Redondo Beach

Lesser/Holmes advertisement

The Lesser/Holmes “open letter” advertisement that appeared in The Beach Reporter Feb. 7 is troubling and disturbing in several regards. The wording and false accusations are eerily similar to an anonymous hit piece that was mailed out right before the last election. Is this a coincidence, or are they finally revealing the source? If they paid for a full-page ad costing $1447.00 for their slate of two, doesn’t this exceed the $250 limit per candidate, constituting a campaign finance violation?

Lesser publicly stated he favors the desalinization plant in our city, are the slate of two also in favor? Lesser and Holmes also endorsed a candidate in our last election that took the maximum donation from an Airbnb PAC, and subsequently requested that Council change the ban. Should we assume that their slate of two also favor short-term rentals?

When Lesser and Holmes served on Council in the 1980’s, consultants were used, both for the General Plan in 1986 and the Downtown Streetscape Beautification Project in 1988. That project cost the city over $11 million in 2018 dollars ( $5 million in 1988 dollars).

Finally, in 2013, when Mitch Ward, who served two terms, ran for Council, Lesser and Holmes took the position that two terms was enough. In 2017, when Richard Montgomery, who had served two terms, ran for Council, Lesser and Holmes “flipped”, giving their full support. I guess if you are going to vote their way, it’s ok to run again and, if not, watch out!

—Paul Wafer, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Stern

I want to share with the Community why Hildy Stern will receive my vote for Manhattan Beach City Council. I got to know Hildy when we both had children at MBMS, and worked 5 years together on the Committee for the wildly popular annual Scholar Quiz. I was immediately inspired by Hildy’s creativity and hard work as leader of all seven rounds of test writing. As a supporting test writer, I watched in awe as Hildy challenged us to enhance the program year after year with fresh ideas and renewed energy.

Nine years later, I have the pleasure of watching Hildy enter this campaign with the same deliberative approach that she brings to all her endeavors. In particular, I am impressed with Hildy’s evolving stance on short-term rentals. Hildy initially took the position that the city should enforce whatever the current Council decided—either a ban or severe restrictions. After hearing from hundreds of residents and learning how short-term rentals have negatively impacted many residents, Hildy has come to support a complete ban on the practice, with tough round-the-clock enforcement. With this deeper understanding, she strives to protect residents from a constant influx of visitors that will affect the neighborhood feel of our town. Hildy entered this campaign pledging to listen and learn, and represent the best interests of the Manhattan Beach residents. I believe she has already started demonstrating exactly how she will execute that promise.

—Renee Whitcombe, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Stern

Vote for Hildy Stern, the un-candidate! Why? Because she will do what’s best for you, me and the whole Manhattan Beach community. She’s not about herself. At all. She is humble and has no personal agenda. I know this because I have seen her commit herself over and over again to community projects. And her motivation has always been to contribute with no expectation of personal credit or benefit.

Hildy is honest, effective, unassuming, and she leads by building consensus. Like me, Hildy grew up in the Midwest and has salt-of-the-earth values--integrity and decency. I first got to know Hildy volunteering with her at Pacific School. With four boys, her family was at Pacific for 15 years. We worked several committees together and I saw her “Midwest” come out when Hildy delivered a homemade banana bread to my door as a thank you for volunteering on the Helping Hands committee. She never mentioned that she had worked as a trial attorney for the Justice Department or as an Accountant for Arthur Andersen. That’s Hildy.

Hildy will work diligently to do what’s right for the benefit of our community. She will always be thoroughly prepared and lead quietly with her actions.

Hildy Stern has been a successful leader in our community for two decades. She has taken the lead in countless projects, serving most recently on the Board of the Hometown Fair. Hildy never planned to enter politics. But, when service called, she answered.

Please join me in voting for Hildy.

—Denise Loversky, Manhattan Beach

Supporting Solomon

As a member of the Budget and Finance Commission Eugene Solomon has uncovered serious issues with our budget. From non-bid contracts to carelessly renewing a wasteful $800,000 a year contract with the Chamber of Commerce without any measurement of success.

Solomon has also been a regular attendee at council meetings for years to discuss the problems he has observed in the budget. This as we face increasing pension liabilities and having to pay off of a useless $9M (actually $16M with interest) early buyout for the Fun Factory lease

The question I have to ask is where was our current Treasurer Steve Diels during critical city Council meetings? From his actions it appears he has delegated his job by hiring others thereby offsetting any reduction in his pay to the city budget. When asked why he refused to put city contracts out to bid Diels says he just knows because he is “out in the field.” Maybe that’s what he was doing when he was waving around a rock at the Coastal Commission last year. This as he claimed the election in 2017 was illegal, and saying a $20M pool had to be built.

Redondo Beach needs a Treasurer who looks objectively at the budget, not from a fictional perspective.

That’s why I urge everyone in Redondo Beach to Vote Eugene Solomon for City Treasurer.

—Lisa Youngworth, Redondo Beach

Supporting Horvath

Whenever I ask Christian Horvath why questionable decisions were made by the City Council, he calmly describes the perspectives involved and how those affected the vote. Christian addresses issues from the perspective of “What is best for the city?” and works to find a compromise for everyone. Finding compromises can leave both sides unhappy. But that is how the job should be done.

Candace is campaigning like she did before. Angry, negative, and lying about Christian. She blames him for everything while at the same time promising things the office can’t deliver. She is using the old tropes of going negative and slinging mud in the golden age of mud slinging. Her mailings focus on the negatives in Redondo. Fortunately, there are so few here that she has to include a pothole to fill up her mailer. She harps on fears and blames Christian for them. That is the script you can expect from a lifelong political operative.

Christian is none of that. He engages everyone who approaches him. He talks honestly and openly. He explains and listens. He does it the hard way. It is easier to nod, smile, and say, “You’re right!” and then walk away. If that is what you want then elect Candace to do what SHE wants. If you want someone to represent your interests, then vote for Christian and talk with him. He will listen and he work with you. He has proven that for 4 years.

—Martin Snider, Redondo Beach

Voting No on Measure A

I normally would support the Manhattan Beach transient occupancy (hotel) tax increase as money left on the table. I have seen no study that suggests regular hotel revenues are impacted by reasonable rates. Our local hotel industry’s silence on residential short-term rentals and efforts to allow more Sepulveda hotels suggests a robust room demand now and in the future.

One reason I will be voting no is that any money raised will go straight to the general fund without control over where it will be spent. Against advice, the council did not provide any safeguards against the money contributing to historical City Hall bloat. Also, an additional 2% rate increase can be imposed any time without additional voter approval.

My second reason is the mailer sent by the city with an obvious attempt to influence casual voters by implying this money is destined for public safety or potholes, and that audits and oversight over the spending will ensure such spending through a structure like the school districts’ mandated citizens bond oversight committees. In reality, no such controls will exist, and the proceeds can easily be used for whatever staff proposes to whatever council is seated during that budget year.

Between the misleading wording of the mailer, and prior unwarranted City Hall expansion, the city has not yet earned my trust that this money will be beneficially spent. When the City comes back with rate increase request with more controls and honesty, then they will get my vote.

—Gary Osterhout, Manhattan Beach

Reduce North School size

The North School neighborhood should not be forced to support a school for 500 plus students.

The solution is simple. Reduce the size of the school which will reduce parking requirements, reduce traffic, improve the safety of our students, reduce the impact on the North neighborhood and reduces the project construction costs. It is time for the school board to act responsibly for our school district and our community. The school board should have the courage to decrease the size of this project now.

—Jackie Tagliaferro, Hermosa Beach

Supporting Diels

Integrity is everything

My husband has it. I have watched him make personal sacrifices in his public service for Redondo Beach for over 14 years. He’s driven and he gets results. He cares for everyone from children to seniors and for our city, schools, churches and the environment. He’s raised over $200,000 for Redondo parks. He cares about responsible government because he believes it belongs to the governed - the residents of Redondo Beach. He worked full time as City Treasurer implementing his cost-cutting reforms without a deputy saving the City $389,832.03 in his first 2 1/2 years as your Treasurer. When it comes to spending, he’s a miser. He reduced the City Treasurer salary from $117,000 down to $25,000. Now the cost of the City Treasurer and his deputy cost less than the Treasurer did when he took office. To date he’s saved the City $830,893.46 in salaries only. The city gets two public servants for less than the price of one! He believes in transparency and protecting our public funds. His investments have been safe and secure. He’s demonstrated integrity in his home life and his public one. He’s got my vote and I hope he has yours too. Mail you ballot today (Do not give it to another to mail for you) make sure your vote counts … for a Treasurer you can count on! Re-elect Steve Diels, Redondo Beach Treasurer.

—Elisabeth Diels, Redondo Beach

Supporting Diels

A Redondo Beach Budget and Finance Commissioner got caught lying about the City’s Budget on his ballot statement and on his Facebook page. The mayor should remove Eugene Solomon from the Budget and Finance Commission. Commissioner Solomon decided he could deceive voters by claiming the Redondo Beach City Treasurer tripled his operating expenses. The false claim began to get some traction on social media until Redondo Beach City Treasurer Diels challenged Mr. Solomon’s sleight of hand in court. The court ruled that Solomon’s claim is false and misleading. If Solomon properly read the financial statements, he would recognize that Mr. Diels has performed his duties under budget every year. That’s why I am voting for Steve Diels to remain our City Treasurer.

—Steven Goldstein, Redondo Beach

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