Appreciation for local city services

Since I moved back to the South Bay, to Manhattan Beach in 2003, I have been impressed with all the city services and especially what the Older Adults Program has offered. There are so many choices of activities even during pandemic limitations. We are connected in so many ways.

I must reach out with a big thank you for the Christmas dinner and gift bag from Older Adults Program, sponsored by Police and Firefighters Associations, Rotary, Property Owners Association, Senior Advisory Committee and city council. There were so many donations from local businesses also. What a great community! The volunteers and staff really were "the icing on the cake" to make it all happen. There were so many ways I can not name them all.

It gave a lift to my spirit during a difficult holiday time away from family. God bless them all with wonderful holidays and a happy new year.

—Janet Murphy, Manhattan Beach


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