Tax dollars and BCHD

Were property owners in the beach cities in agreement with Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) stockpiling revenue for their new project? Undoubtedly that surplus must include a portion of the $3.7 million annually of our property tax we pay that is allocated to BCHD. The original intent of the special district was to fund South Bay Hospital, and its closure should have required citizens to re-authorize this collection. Since property tax revenue only accounts for 26% of the BCHD’s overall revenue and the rest comes from user fees, lease revenue, limited partnerships and investments, why are these property tax dollars even necessary to fund BCHD’s programs? Could it be that BCHD is happy that for the last five years, the tax dollars revenue is increasing 5% annually?

BCHD’s current CEO has promised after their new buildings are completed, that any profit will be used to fund new programs. Instead, I believe this for-profit entity should not receive any property tax revenue, since 74% of its yearly revenue of $14.3 million is sourced from its lease/user fees and investment holdings.

—Jacqueline Zuanich-Ferrell, Manhattan Beach

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