Gratitude for race

Congratulations to Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern on their election to the Manhattan Beach City Council. Our city is in good hands. I also want to commend candidates Mark Burton, Joe Franklin, Joseph Ungoco and Brian Withers for their willingness to serve our community. I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to personally meet our wonderful Manhattan Beach residents while walking door to door.

It’s been an honor and a privilege serving two terms on the City Council and two terms as Mayor. I’ll continue to be a community volunteer, while also serving on several Manhattan Beach non-profit boards, always working to improve the quality of life and public safety of our magnificent Manhattan Beach community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all Manhattan Beach residents. I Love Manhattan Beach!

—Wayne Powell, Manhattan Beach

More thanks

I want to thank all my supporters and the folks who lent a helping hand to my campaign for City Council. This was small town campaigning at its best with Meet and Greets in your homes, Candidate Forums, Coffees, door knocking and on the street impromptu discussions. It was an awe inspiring experience and humbling to earn your trust and vote.

Congratulations and well done to Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern as the top vote getters for Manhattan Beach City Council! We got the candidates with fresh ideas, fresh perspectives and the talent to help address the important issues facing our City. How appropriate for this to happen last week on International Woman’s Day! All the best!

—Joe Franklin, Manhattan Beach

Spirited debate

In the aftermath of the March 5, 2019 General Municipal Election there is a lot of postmortem analysis going on, and rightly so: the voters have spoken. At this juncture, I would like to thank all the voters that participated in their democracy, notwithstanding the outcome. I would like to thank both the challengers and the incumbents for a spirited debate. Personally, I remain optimistic about maintaining the status quo and therefore the balance on City Council, because getting things done is in the best interest of all Redondo Beach residents.

—Pat Healy, Redondo Beach

Thanking supporters

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Redondo Beach voters for the special honor of your continued trust and ultimate endorsement, re-election to the office of Redondo Beach City Treasurer. Your outpouring of support during the campaign lifted my spirit. An election does not happen in a vacuum. Family and supporters make it possible. I also thank my opponent for helping to edify your will, the will of the people. Voter edification is made possible by our democratic process — public debate followed by a public vote. And for that, we have our farsighted city founders to thank. I will continue to honor the Redondo Beach City Treasurer’s mission to provide the highest level of service for the lowest cost. God bless you all.

—Steven Diels, Redondo Beach

Cookie-less in MB?

On March 5, 2019, Newcomers, Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern overcame tremendous odds to stage an upset victory in the Manhattan Beach City Council Election. MBA and Law Degrees, articulate, business oriented and passionate about the schools in Manhattan Beach. Their children were educated in MBUSD schools and they volunteered for the schools.

The residents of Manhattan Beach want to thank MBUSD Board of Trustees, parents and other school supporters for their support of Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern for Manhattan Beach City Council. Hadley and Stern will serve the Schools and residents of Manhattan Beach with accountability, fiscal responsibility, transparency and honesty.

March 5 was truly “Women’s Day” Nancy Hersman, Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern give the City Council a “Woman’s Majority” and if Amy Howorth decides to run in 2021, who will be at home to bake the cookies?

You can’t buy a Manhattan Beach City Council Seat, it’s not for sale—you have to earn it by gaining the trust of the residents. The truth is in the “Public Records”, not in flowery speeches at election forums, campaign signs, glossy mailers or expensive one page ads in The Beach Reporter and Easy Reader.

The residents of Manhattan Beach want to thank the seven candidates that ran for City Council for their campaigns that allowed a true democratic process where they expressed their opinions.

The residents want to thank Amy Howorth and David Lesser for two terms of outstanding leadership on City Council.

The residents want to thank Ellen Rosenberg and Christine Cronin-Hurst for their outstanding leadership on MBUSD Board of Trustees. Jen Fenton and Sally Peel are the new Board members and extremely well qualified.

—Robert Bush, Manhattan Beach

Absurdity in RB

The General Plan Advisory Committee is tasked with the important job of rewriting the zoning for Redondo Beach and why the city has invested nearly $1.7M on this project. Negative politics shouldn’t enter into the process and why the City Council recently took steps to request court confirmed CenterCal shill Chris Voisey resign. Sadly Voisey has yet to comply.

Unfortunately the egregious behavior of Voisey has been over shadowed by GPAC members Paul Moses and Sue Ludwig. They both used social media during the recent election to spread false stories as a political stunt to help out incumbent council candidate Christian Horvath. Both falsely claimed as GPAC members they observed his opponent Candace Nafissi, a fellow GPAC member was behind a plan to take away homes of residents along 190th Street. They also falsely claimed a group interested in Revitalizing our Harbor was part of the absurd plot. For Ludwig this is not the first example of questionable behavior. During a California Coastal Commission meeting last year Ludwig served subpoenas on behalf of Chris Voisey in CenterCal’s malicious lawsuit after members of the public spoke at the podium.

We have a right to free speech but when lies are spread by using one’s title on an important city committee to validate them that is unacceptable.

Both Moses and Ludwig should publicly apologize for breaking the public trust and admit they lied to us using their position on the GPAC for cheap political theater. If not, they should resign.

—Wayne Craig, Redondo Beach

Street blocked

I am writing regarding the recent blockade of Maria Street from Anita Street (190th) in Redondo Beach. This is ridiculous. Maria connects Anita (190th) with Beryl Heights Elementary. At the opposite end of this blockaded, block long stretch is a traffic light controlled intersection, leading to the local public elementary school. This street has clearly always been intended as a local route through Redondo Beach. I have been advised that the residents of the 50 or so homes on this now private block, complained about “traffic” on their street. If you live between a major highway and a public school, yes, people are going to drive on that public street; shouldn’t be a surprise. I was also advised they turned down speed humps because of “the noise caused by speed humps” and somehow got the city to allow them to privatize a public street, at a cost to the city. I am a Redondo Beach resident and as a result, I now have to drive through Hermosa Beach to get back to Redondo Beach and avoid the blockade to get my son to school. This also denies emergency access, waste pick up access and pushes traffic to other streets that are already congested. I am requesting that the City remove this blockade as soon as possible and when trying to privatize public streets, consider the community as a whole rather than the wants of a few squeaky wheels.

—Jacob Tedesco, Redondo Beach

Grocers versus hotels

I was amused to see the letter (Height Limits in MB) from a vocal no-growth advocate using the Sepulveda height limit discussion as a reason to take yet another swipe at Gelson’s.

She states that the new ordinance would give the developers “more flexibility,” and a hotel would provide greater tax revenue to the city. She concludes that she would have “welcomed” a boutique hotel in the Gelson’s location. Seriously? Hard to imagine neighbors welcoming a 45’ monolith in their front yards because of city tax benefits.

I support increasing the height limits on Sepulveda since we need more choices for hotels in this town. I also recognize that many of the same group that opposed Gelson’s will vociferously oppose any new hotel along this corridor.

—Cheryl Thompson, Manhattan Beach

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