Thanks again, Paul
I was a regular reader of Paul Silva's articles for many years and missed them when his articles stopped appearing. His latest article ["Checking in, from a distance," The Beach Reporter, 5/14/20], shows that he has not lost his superb writing skills nor his insight. 
A few lines in Paul's article are worth repeating and taking to heart:
  1. "Every night, as I go to sleep, I try to mine my memory for moments from better times."
  2. "....hope learned from times …when darkness was slowly replaced by light."
  3. "...optimism and faith in humanity"
  4. "the heaviest burden [of the virus is] carried by a relatively small minority… [me missing] the sand and sea … I found... to be more than a little selfish.
  5. Losing access to beach "… a powerful symbol … this war will take sacrifice from everyone.  If … not being able to lounge on the beach saves another person from dying…, it's worth it."       
Thanks again Paul. While our country's populous currently is experiencing frustrations, serious financial difficulties, and worse yet personal tragedies, your positive words can help each of us remember what we have individually and our collective strength to persevere and get though to brighter days.
—Jon Chaykowski, Manhattan Beach 

Manhattan Beach park citations

Once again MB makes the news in an unsightly manner with CBS-2 news reporting on the $1,000 fines issued April 4 and 5. It’s one thing to issue a citation to a belligerent surfer; not to a mom with 2 toddlers who was unaware of the prohibition. It’s a black eye for the city; particularly with local businesses, who rely on visitors, struggling.

It has been and remains difficult to know what is and is not allowed.  When parks were first identified as being closed, there was limited signage and yellow tape on some of the equipment but not for the park itself. Later, yellow tape appeared around Polliwog and parts of Begg field; not all parts of the park or field.  Signage in the park was inconsistent as to mask requirements and social distancing.  The city has done a poor job of informing the public on a consistent basis and in enforcing any prohibitions.

As Councilmember Napolitano stated, “We’ve got other crimes of much higher stature going on around town” this sentiment should apply universally. This is not about someone feeling entitled or an act of social disobedience, it’s about an honest mistake and the city choosing one day to make a point.

It’s time for City Manager Bruce Moe to step up and do the right thing for the small-town beach community we all say we love and are trying to maintain; Mr. Moe, tell the city attorney to rescind the fines or reduce them to $50.

—Matt Clark, Manhattan Beach

Note: This topic was also covered in "Residents upset over receiving $1,000 fine for violating closure," The Beach Reporter, 5/21/20.

Health district's spending on proposed facility

According to Beach Cities Health District's 2019-20 budget, it has authorized (and I assume spent) over $5 million so far on its 420 unit, 600,000 square-foot, planned assisted living overdevelopment on the former South Bay Hospital site.

We all need to be reminded that assisted living and skilled nursing facilities have accounted for about half of the COVID-19 deaths in California so far. BCHD’s facility is expected to have about 550 beds, making it a very large facility with the potential for a massive outbreak from future flu, virus, epidemic or pandemic events.

A recent Public Records Act response from BCHD indicates that they have yet to even consider the impacts of COVID-19 on their project. For $5 million, you’d think something as fatal as COVID-19 in the age 65+ group that BCHD is targeting would be worth at least a study.

Also, 80% of the tenants of the proposed project will be from outside the beach cities. We don’t need BCHD in the risky, commercial real estate business gambling with the lives of seniors. We can't have the first $5 million back that they've wasted, but we can stop wasting more money. It's time to shut down the big, bad project.

—Mark Nelson, Redondo Beach

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