Construction in Manhattan Beach

House development in the beach cities is deplorable.

My comments, as a writer, lawyer, engineer and 30-year resident of Manhattan Beach, relate not to a specific project, but are generalized for consideration by residents.

As a neighbor warned: When a new house goes up next to you, kiss life as you know it goodbye. Multi-million-dollar price tags have caused spec-builders to crawl out north, south, east and west.

Their get-rich scheme: Hire the minimally-trained, use cheap materials like plastic, build on slabs rather than raised foundations, go fast and disregard resident complaints.

What residents can expect: Dirt from demolition permeates inadequate fencing and settles on your home. As the fencing falls, you wonder: Is it ground movement or constant music and yelling by workers.

Then debris piles up--six/ten/twelve feet and higher. Leftovers from lunch trucks fester in the piles until rodents and other vermin appear. Soon, as others have said, it looks like a warzone. It does, really: I’ve been to war.

Everyday: Nerve-wracking-noise and irritating-dust until the air in your home is unbreathable. God forbid you have a child or sick adult. They are doomed.

And it goes on: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. unless spec-builder cheats and starts earlier. Enforcing the rules? Try it. You won’t like it. Construction officials: Hopelessly understaffed.

But still, what wizard(s) decided to allow construction racket at 7:30 a.m? Were they misguided or just mean?

Is this all acceptable? I think not. Stoppable? Only if elected officials take action—right away.

—Raymond Paul Johnson,

More on climate change

I want to respond to a letter from Mike Garrity in the 9/12/19 Beach Reporter suggesting that “thousand of sincere, real scientists are on both sides of the issue” concerning the Global Climate Crisis. He also states that anyone who can’t name the most common greenhouse gas is too “ignorant” to discuss the issue. Well, Mike, I learned years ago that the answer is WATER VAPOR, and I have taken the upper division courses you recommended.

Just to let you know a brief computer search reveals the following. NASA “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree - Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.”

Many scientific organizations and government agencies have published papers indicating the reality of Global Climate Crisis dramatically influenced by human activities. The list includes the AMA, Meterorlogical Society, the United States Departments of Agriculture, NASA and Homeland Security.

My final comment concerns the common statement that climate change has occurred many times in earth’s history. Yes, climate often changes, and every time it changes extinctions occur and multiple species die out. This will be the first climate change that occurs with 7 billion humans on earth and when we have the ability to avoid the catastrophic deaths and suffering that this change will cause.

—Roger Weinhouse, Manhattan Beach

Tobacco licensing

I know being a city councilmember can be an extremely lonely experience. You can campaign, hob nob with friends and supporters and, if lucky, celebrate victory to office only to end up in a seat with four other compadres in meetings past midnight attended by folks with nothing better to do on a Tuesday night. You’re on a dais in front of few if any of the supporters who help you get elected, likely home watching Nova. Here you are confronted with a plethora of squeaky wheels and end up elevating stupid ideas to laws to be enforced by cops with plenty of better things to do. So it is with the recent jihad against tobacco in Hermosa Beach.

I doubt none of these fine folks can envision just how insulting it is to the few remaining hardworking store owners in Hermosa to be confronted by three gun toting police in the middle of a busy day demanding to see the newly required $300+ cigarette license, then interrogated whether there’s any “menthol” inventory present.

Promoting the ills associated with tobacco is good. But doesn’t the council understand Hermosa is a small town and the very same “menthol” that is illegal in Hermosa is available just down the street in neighboring cities? Maybe a little R&R outside of the cloistered confines of City Hall would be helpful for the lonely council in getting a grip on reality which may curb them from elevating other stupid ideas into laws.

—Robert Benz, Hermosa Beach

Supporting Massey

Over the last several years, Hermosa Beach Police Department (HBPD) has requested additional funds to help ensure the safety of residents and visitors. Council member Justin Massey has supported their requests, and HBPD now has dedicated downtown policing unit, new state-of-the-art body worn cameras, and replacement patrol vehicles are on their way. Please join me in keeping Hermosa safer by reelecting Justin this November.

—Claudia Berman, Hermosa Beach

Recordings at community meetings

This past Saturday I attended Redondo Beach City Councilmember John Gran’s Community Meeting to offer my personal support. I have never met him, but I felt compelled to be there for him after reading in your newspaper about him facing a petition being circulated by a small group of disgruntled residents calling for his recall. The reason for the recall seems like a stretch, so I wanted to hear for myself what is going on. I was instantly struck by how professional, personable and well-informed he is.

I also commend him for the way he handled a disruption to the meeting brought on by one of the attendees who had an issue with my recording Mr. Gran’s response to the attendee’s question. Recording these meetings is not only allowed, but encouraged. This same attendee also had an issue last September at Councilmember Nils Nehrenheim’s meeting.

In that circumstance a different attendee was recording Nehrenheim (with his permission) and the same man who interrupted Mr. Gran’s meeting on Saturday disrupted that meeting by demanding the recording be stopped. I have been publicly vilified and embarrassed by this man for something that is within my rights to do. That is not ok. I would encourage residents to attend these meetings and see for themselves what goes on in the City. I would also suggest that these Community Meetings be recorded and/or live-streamed so that these disruptions and he said/she said situations can be avoided.

—Cee-Cee Murphy, Redondo Beach

Supporting Massey

I am writing to encourage you to vote to re-elect Justin Massey for Hermosa Beach City Council. As a former steering committee member of Stop Hermosa Beach Oil, and the campaign chair of the Measure S school bond initiative, I can tell you that no candidate in this race has worked harder for the future of Hermosa Beach than Justin. I have been a direct witness of how he shows up early, puts his skin in the game before the bandwagon arrives, knocks doors and speaks to residents with commitment and passion. I have admired this about him since the day we met. It is with great confidence that we should trust Justin Massey to continue to show up and do the heavy lifting required to be an outstanding councilmember in Hermosa Beach.

—Mike Collins, Hermosa Beach

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