Appreciation for Manhattan Beach library staff

The Manhattan Beach Library Commission would like to applaud the dedicated employees of the Manhattan Beach Public Library who have worked hard over the past few months to make it possible to safely pick up reserved books for children and adults on the east side of the building (Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 5p.m. and Tuesday noon to 7 p.m.).

My fellow commissioners (Jordan Bailey, Stefanie Bond, Roberta Schreiner, Bob Siemak and Tracey Windes) join me in giving sincere thanks to the remarkable staff.

The library is a vital part of all that makes our community exceptional. We're glad to know our residents remain loyal to it. And we know the staff will continue to make it as welcoming and user-friendly as possible.

—Janet Jones, Manhattan Beach Library Commission

Hiring process for LA County Sheriff

Wow, our LA County Supervisors want to not only fire our sheriff but also do away with hiring our sheriff by popular vote. And if they are successful, they will speed the destruction of our freedom. Why? The county sheriff is critical to our basic freedoms. The sheriff is the only law enforcement official that is directly elected by its citizens. The sheriff answers only to the people he/she protects and the Constitution that we all live by.

If the politicians get to decide who will "protect" us then it will be a short walk to tyranny. We have already seen politicians and un-elected bureaucrats trample on our freedoms during the China Virus. An independent law enforcement agency elected only by the citizens is the most basic way to insure our natural rights. Do not allow the fascists now sitting in the county supervisor chairs to steal our freedom...if not our sheriff department won't just be wearing brown shirts as they are now, but will become the brown shirts that we should all fear.

—Duke Dulgarian, Manhattan Beach

How ballots are handled

In a Letter to the Editor last week ("Concern about ballot integrity," The Beach Reporter, 11/12/20), Kelly Kessler wrote that she was worried about election workers taking “recycled” ballots and using them to change the votes of those who had voted on the machines.

I was an election worker for the first time this time year, along with my 17 year-old daughter, and I’m hurt and saddened by this accusation. First, we wrote “void” on any ballots or sample ballots and then all election-related trash was collected by workers throughout each day and placed in special boxes to be sent to the county for destruction. Even our name tags were considered election trash.

Second, I’m not sure what “SCORECARD” is, but once your ballot was cast into the machine, anyone trying to vote again in your name (i.e. change your votes) would have to cast a provisional ballot. For the provisional ballot to be counted, and not your original ballot, the signatures would be looked at and you would be contacted to explain the discrepancy.

Ms. Kessler compared ballots to children and said no one should touch those belonging to other people. But election workers are allowed to touch your ballots, it’s part of our job, just as a daycare worker may be picking up your child or wiping their face.

I don’t appreciate it when people accuse hardworking election workers of committing fraud, especially when they don’t understanding how the system works. Volunteer and get an inside look at our democracy, you’ll be a better citizen.

—Tina Studier, Hermosa Beach

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