Shout out to postal staff

My wife and I would like to salute two outstanding women who really contribute to making our wonderful city hum.

Martha and Vaneta are the postal workers assigned to the Valley Drive/15th Street station.

They are always so professional, patient friendly and helpful to everyone. Not only are they both most efficient and cheerful, but obviously take great pride in serving our community. What a superb team! Among the very best.

—Jerry Kinnan, Manhattan Beach

Race relations in Manhattan Beach

There is no question that what happened to the Bruce family in Manhattan Beach almost 100 years ago was wrong and racist. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t agree with that.

However watching one of the Bruce’s Beach task force members talking on TV about how racist and nasty Manhattan Beach still is today to Black people you would think nothing has changed in these hundred years. I have a neighbor who is a widow and often takes in a roommate. A while back she took in a middle-aged Black woman and we had them over for dinner. I asked her roommate how she liked living in Manhattan Beach. She said quote, “I love Manhattan Beach. Everyone is so friendly and nice. I’ve never lived in a nicer place” I got to thinking, maybe it is because she is so friendly and nice.

And maybe the vast majority of people who live here have actually made progress as Martin Luther King Jr. prayed for, that people would be judged by their character, not the color of their skin. And maybe, just maybe, if you go around with a chip on your shoulder accusing people of being racist, they aren’t as friendly to you as you would like. But these are just my thoughts, and as always, I could be wrong.

—Russ Lesser, Manhattan Beach

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