Cost of Hermosa Beach election

I don't understand why the Hermosa City Council has OK'd a $100,000 election for a temporary city council seat? It doesn't seem fiscally responsible.

We now know it will be one of five who have submitted the paperwork. What if the city council held job interviews and had the candidates submit PowerPoint style presentations then choose one of these five? Who knows, they might even pick the person who was going to win the majority of votes anyway.

Obviously because the process with vote-by-mail has already started, the city probably has certain financial obligations but one would think they should be able to change course and save 50% to 75% of this unnecessary $100,000 expense. I hope our council can revisit this and make one fiscally smart decision.

—Scott Frantz, Hermosa Beach

Bruce's Beach perspective

RE: "Bruce's Beach compensation," The Beach Reporter, 2/25/21

There is so much "fiction" fanning the flames of the Bruce's Beach legend and emotions. Last week's letter to the editor stated the Bruces were 1) "driven out," 2) "under-compensated," and 3) "restricted from buying elsewhere in MB." The facts found by MB's multi-ethnicity commission on Bruce's Beach are: 1) the NAACP lawyer representing the Bruce family stated the Bruce's were "willing to sell the property …for a fair price at any time;" 2) the LA Times documented how the families were "over-compensated," not under-compensated. Further, MB residents were up in arms against the MB Board of Trustees for giving excessive payments to the families; 3) the majority of Black families impacted bought and relocated elsewhere in MB. And, other Black families stayed in MB, too.

Maybe for effect, the writer of the letter concluded, "the park is a monument to racial hatred … because white supremacists won." Wow! I concluded, from reading/researching subject, that prejudice played a key role in the eminent domain action and can/should be realized. However, this park should not be a monument for that. Remember, many White families owned 25 of the 30 parcels in the eminent domain action and were impacted. Lastly, the location now is a park and two blocks away from the beach. So, it is NOT a Beach and should not be named "… Beach." It should have a "park" name. Maybe "Reflection Park." That could suggest giving serious thought to our lives, other people and more.

—Jon Chaykowski, Manhttan Beach

Bruce's Beach Task Force

I support the Bruce's Beach Task Force. The work of this task force is so important for our community, especially for my neighbors and friends who are raising Black boys and girls in our city. I look forward to the final report of the task force, including any recommendations to right the wrongs of the past.

There are those in our community who seem to oppose any efforts on behalf of the city to take responsibility for past injustices. I recently received a ranting and rambling email disparaging the Bruce's Beach Task Force that seemed to suggest that admitting to past injustices and saying sorry for racist actions is a mistake. That is just plain wrong. One of the first lessons parents teach their children is when you make a mistake, you say sorry for what you did. This applies to governments and institutions, too. It's just common decency and shows that you have integrity.

To Councilmembers Napolitano and Stern, who were maligned in the malicious email circulating in our community, I would like to let you know that many members of our community appreciate your principled leadership and outstanding commitment to Manhattan Beach.

I hope the Manhattan Beach City Council will continue to use its power to shine a light on what is good and just, and to reject those who wish to sow division and hatred. Our city will be the better for it.

—Madeline Kaplan, Manhattan Beach

HB Kiwanis celebrates 95 years

Today the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club celebrates 95 years of giving. We are thankful for all of the people in Hermosa Beach and beach cities that make our mission possible.

Hermosa Kiwanis has donated more than $1.5 million to youth programs, student scholarships, community projects, and other service groups and nonprofit organizations.

What makes Kiwanis different? We ask our members and volunteers about what is important to them and then we listen. What resonates with you? Our club supports causes and organizations that benefit people suffering from Alzheimers, cancer, homelessness and more.

Meetings are held twice a month via zoom. We have a 12 p.m. meeting and a 6 p.m. meeting you can attend to learn more about how Kiwanis operates and funds a variety of civic groups. Membership fees have been reduced to just $35 per month in light of the pandemic.

There's never been a better time to volunteer your ideas and skills. Just one to two hours of your time per month will make a difference in someone's life. Contact Lucas Commiso at (310)920- 2801 for more information on membership.

 —Lucas Commiso, Hermosa Beach

Support for Mayor Brand

I am a fifth grader and I think that we should re-elect Mayor Brand for several reasons:

1. He fights for our city well at the state level when the government tries to pass laws that hurt the quality of life or restrict cities’ rights. I support this because he is not afraid to take a stand for our city.

2. He wants Redondo to be the best it can be and I want that, too. I support this because I think there are some improvements that can be done to Redondo such as taking down the power plant and turning it into something that is ecosystem healthy. He says “I’m inspired by the potential Redondo Beach can become, North and South, and inspired by the many residents who are working so hard to protect our quality of life.”

3. Bill Brand is also consistent and dependable. He does not change his decisions without good reason and even when he is faced with a difficult challenge you can depend on him. These are important qualities.

In an interview with the Mayor I asked him what sets him apart from other candidates. He said he has 20 years of experience and endorsements from elected officials at all levels of government and neighboring cities. They have seen how hard he works.

Bill Brand wants to make a difference for Redondo Beach. The future of our city depends on this election so please re-elect Bill Brand!

—Caleb Chrzan, Redondo Beach

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