Scope of BCHD's Health Living campus

Re: "Beach Cities Health District to cut Healthy Living Campus revamp nearly in half," The Beach Reporter, 6/18/20:

The reduction in size from 420 units to 220 is still outside of the public intent of what is allowed on the BCHD site, which is zoned P-CF (Public-Community Facility). The new plan looks like the old one, but tilted on its side—six stories high, sticking up in an architectural middle finger to the surrounding residential neighborhoods. This proposal should be on an RH zone--residential high density. While the folks at BCHD are marching forward with their Draft EIR believing their proposal is allowed outright on this site, it is not. RCFEs (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) are not allowed without the Redondo Beach City Council and the Redondo Beach Planning Commission's approval. Just because Silverado is there now does not mean this RCFE can automatically be there. An informative site is www.qcode/us. Start there and drill down to Online Codes, Redondo Beach zoning and P-CF.

BCHD could focus on the Village Movement for seniors. This has been adopted already in other parts of the world. Neighborhood organizations are formed and homeowners pay yearly dues to hire a small staff that help with everything from in home help, to shopping for the elderly to organizing social activities. It would help the elderly maintain connections they've made over a lifetime in their own neighborhoods, truly aging in place, receiving services, without having to move into assisted living.

—Lara Duke, Redondo Beach

Silva's message to Class of 2020

When I started reading Paul Silva's column ("Dear Class of 2020, we're sorry ...and thank you," The Beach Reporter, 6/18/20), it reminded me of President Obama's apology tour of the world, bowing to dictators and kings. But on further reflection, I realized we do have things to apologize for.

Here is my list: 1) I am sorry that in California you do not have the constitutional right to bear arms. I am sorry that you have been taught to believe in the fairy tale of gun-free zones.

2) I am sorry that you have been indoctrinated to believe the world is on the brink of environmental disaster, despite 40 years of fear mongering predictions that never come true. I am sorry that you have been brainwashed to think the answer to environmental problems is world socialism to redistribute wealth. I am old enough to remember when the Cuyahoga River caught fire [Ohio, 1969]. The environment in the U.S. is much cleaner than 50 years ago. We do not need the Paris Accords to fight pollution.

3) I am sorry that you have been taught that this is a racist nation, and that all whites are inherently racists. Are there racists? Unfortunately, yes. But a racist nation would not have elected Barack Obama. The recent demonstrations show that no one thinks the death of George Floyd was not an abuse of power, and justice will be served. From what I have seen, there were more white protesters than people of color. Contrast that to the race riots of the 1960s.

—Charles Lano, Redondo Beach

Proposed changes to Healthy Living project

Re: "Beach Cities Health District to cut Healthy Living Campus revamp nearly in half," The Beach Reporter, 6/18/20:

Still too big. Still serves the wrong purpose. Still disruptive.

Three strikes, Tom [Bakaly, Beach Cities Health District CEO].

By the way, still too bad that public announcements were actually disseminated AFTER the board meeting showing BCHD's badly conceived plan. Was this more unintentional fumbling? Perhaps a message to the public that you're obviously not listening to us? Just the bum's rush to implementation? Or a continuation of the ready, fire, aim approach taken so far?

—Charlie Szymanski, Redondo Beach

Perspective on racial inequality

I am from a family of immigrants. My paternal family immigrated from Germany in the 1880s during the great German migration. Little-known fact that more Americans claim German heritage over Irish, Italian, etc., by far.

My maternal grandmother came from WW1-ravaged Holland in 1917. She learned English by attending U.S. kindergarten and then became a hotel maid. My maternal grandfather was a Czech orphan who became the janitor of Dyke stadium in Evanston IL.

My family never had prejudice against anyone. We all, to our financial ability, have donated to many causes serving diversity. My family has served in all our great wars. Civil War (north), which freed the slaves, WW1, WW2 (where my great uncle died fighting the Japanese to save the world), Korea, and Vietnam (my uncle flew 100 missions). So I ask myself why am I the bad guy?

I am 100% behind the fixing of racial inequality. I am 100% behind giving minorities equal opportunities. However, I am the silent majority that feels we are being vilified for things we neither did, thought about doing, nor would ever think about doing. I hope this nation can figure this situation out, but tearing down statues of US Grant and Frances Scott Key seems unlikely to accomplish that.

—Carl Eichstaedt, Manhattan Beach

Former Manhattan Beach fire chief 

Regarding former Fire Chief Drum, I wonder if his firing was necessary? City Manager Bruce Moe stated that "Chief Drum's recent comments do not reflect our values as a city." Does he mean negotiating attractive agreements with vendors? It appears that his word choice was the issue. In these times where we see a rush to judgement and severing of ties, I wonder if a discussion with Chief Drum would have allowed a much better result. He might have apologized for being insensitive and we would still have a very capable and more enlightened fire chief.

—Mitchell Lang, Manhattan Beach

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