Come together for Bill

It is devastating to hear of bad things happening to good people. I don’t know many better people than our Mayor Bill Brand and I don’t know many things worse than fighting cancer. But remember Bill, that you have a community behind you! As you often say, there is more that our local community leaders, and by extension most Redondo residents, agree upon than we all disagree on. It’s the disagreements that we tend to argue about, sometimes passionately, however, too often in an aggressive and nasty manner. If any good can come of your current health struggles, it is the all too important reminder to everyone that there are things much more important than fights over money, overdevelopment and petty political disagreements. Perhaps this will remind us that our main intention should be to be kind to one another, compassionate, respectful, and remember to keep our discourse civil. #Brandstrong

—Roger Light, Redondo Beach

Good wishes for Brand

Bill’s a fighter with a strong spine.

He is one of a kind.

He continues to be out there making the world a better place.

Lets hope others will do the same!!

—Dean Francois, Hermosa Beach

Thank you Sunset volunteers

Over the last couple of weeks Redondo Sunset, the youth Pony Baseball and Girl’s USA Softball League operating out of Alta Vista Park in South Redondo Beach, hosted two large youth tournaments. The girls’ softball Memorial Day weekend tournament had 85 teams competing and the Father’s Day baseball tournament had 89 teams! Teams came from as far away as San Diego and all-over southern California. More than 2,000 players played in the tournaments on over 14 local fields here in the south bay. Cooperating leagues in Hermosa, Torrance, Lunada Bay and PV helped out with fields as Redondo Sunset is not allowed to use RUHS fields or Redondo Beach Little League fields. Over the two weekends teams played 318 games and 47 championships were awarded!

That is an amazing accomplishment and Redondo Sunset is only able to pull off these two behemoth tournaments because of the parent and family volunteers that work tirelessly both weekends. From watering, dragging and lining fields for games, manning the many snack bars, selling tournament apparel and organizing the schedules and umpires there is a long list of tasks needing to get done. But with dedicated parents and families willing to sacrifice for their children it all gets done and done well at that. I am proud to have such good neighbors in our community that step up and help out when asked, thank you to all the volunteers!

—Chris McCauley, Redondo Beach


I feel so fortunate to have Bill Brand as a friend and my mayor. He is an amazing role model for environmental activism, civil engagement and social justice. Bill is so well informed, dedicated, enthusiastic, respectful, humble and just plain fun! Our community and the entire South Bay are so very fortunate that Bill has spent so much of his life committed to our well-being. I join with thousands in wishing him the best. #Brandstrong

—Lori Zaremski, Redondo Beach

Keep fighting

I was shocked and saddened to hear the devastating news that our beloved Mayor, Bill Brand, was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Bill has been a servant leader for the people of Redondo and has always honored and preserved the wants and needs of our beautiful City’s residents.

While this is horrible and scary, and I wish that this weren’t the reality Bill has to face, Bill is a fighter and an eternal optimist. He has already beat cancer twice! I am confident that his unwavering positivity and won’t quit attitude will see him beat this thing. I look forward to Bill being able to get out in the water and surf again without having to worry about drowning from having a seizure. You will Bill!

We are lucky to have such a great person at the helm of Redondo’s leadership and I continue to be inspired by Bill’s determination and commitment to persevere and continue to serve as our Mayor during this time.

Keep up the good fight and keep up the excellent work Bill - we’re all behind you!

—Nicolas Lippa, Redondo Beach

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