Good wishes for Brand

The recent news of Mayor Bill Brand’s diagnosis was shocking and very sad. I’ve know Bill for years and I am proud to call him a friend, and I am equally proud that he is Redondo Beach’s Mayor. Bill is a fighter, and I am hopeful that with the help and prayers of his wife, Deirdre, and his family and friends, he will make a complete recovery. Redondo Beach needs Bill Brand. We all need Bill Brand. Get well soon my friend.

—Stevan Colin, Redondo Beach

First Amendment and religion

The letter published in The Beach Reporter last week, “Trust God on Sunday,” displayed the common ignorance of our Constitution and inability to think critically that has infected our nation. While that letter will reinforce the lie that, “the constitution contains a clause separating church and state,” (it doesn’t), a reading of our Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, reveals that our government cannot establish nor restrict the free exercise of religion, even in government buildings. The only separation was to keep government out of religion, and not the other way around. The writer complains of “imposing” religion on others, which is clearly prohibited by the First Amendment, and not even close to being the issue that motivated him to write. Talk about fake news! Additionally, our founders acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence that our rights, protected FROM the government by our Constitution, were granted to us, not from government, but from our Creator.

—Mike Garrity, Manhattan Beach

More on church and state

The writer in the letter titled “Trust God on Sunday” in the 6/20/2019 Beach Reporter purported that he knew the Constitution of the United States. However it is not the Constitution as I learned it. In my copy of the Constitution, it says in Amendment I “congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” There is no mention of separation of church and state, at the time of ratification of the constitution several states had a state religion, which subsequently vanished.

Anyway some people want to say what they think should be in the Constitution, but this is not the Constitution as intended or as written.

—James F. Overstreet, Manhattan Beach

Never surrender

Leadership, determination, intelligence, grit and eloquence. These traits all describe my longtime friend and mentor Bill Brand, along with a keen sense of humor, deep generosity, and an unshakable commitment to the well-being of his community.

Like many of us in our City, over the years I have had the privilege to work and fight alongside Bill on a number of the vital ‘open space’ issues we’ve all faced together. Some of those fights resulted in tremendous wins; others were heartbreaking losses. And they go on today.

But through them all, one thing I learned about Bill is that he will never surrender to adversity. A defeat is a bump in the road for him; a win is a step closer toward goals set long ago.

So I am very confident that Bill can and will beat this latest affliction. And I think everyone in town who has seen and admired his courage over the years must feel the same.

Go, Bill! We’re all with you. #Brandstrong

—David Wiggins, Redondo Beach

Brand’s tenacity

I am so proud to call Mayor Bill Brand my friend and to work with him not only in the past, but into the future to help make Redondo the best beach city and community for the residents! Bill has been a champion for Redondo since 2003, and I know with his strength and determination he will give this cancer a fight of its life! He has been a leader for open space and due to his efforts, we will not have a power plant rebuilt on our waterfront. Instead, we will have a significant park and restored wetlands on the AES site. Bill is also a champion in supporting the right development throughout the City, helping ensure a mall is not built on our waterfront and ensure Redondo doesn’t continue it’s over development legacy. He has selflessly volunteered his time, energy and talents for the benefit of this City since 2003, and we owe him a debt of gratitude. Bill’s connections and tenacity has placed Redondo’s interests in the forefront of State policymakers. I am and will continue to pray for his successful treatment and full recovery since the residents and City of Redondo need him to continue his push for better development, financial management and oversight of our City.

—Dawn Esser, Redondo Beach

Tireless worker

I would like to express my appreciation for the work that Mayor Bill Brand has done over the past decade or more, first as councilmember and later as mayor. We in Redondo Beach appreciate someone who is devoted to preserving open space, getting parks, and slowing development while still meeting the growth needs of the city.

I have attended many council meetings, and realize the time and personal sacrifices that our elected officials make. In many ways, an elected office can seem a thankless task. In spite of that, Mr. Brand has always been a dedicated, tireless worker on behalf of Redondo. Thank you Mayor Brand. We need you!

—Holly Osborne, Redondo Beach

Future cancer survivor

When I first read Bill Brand’s Facebook post about his cancer diagnosis, I originally stopped at, “...I had a seizure on a flight,” and assumed he was writing to tell everyone that he had a newly-discovered seizure disorder. My first thought as a man with a seizure disorder was to send him a Facebook message of support, as I knew that Bill would be able to successfully treat and manage it. But then I kept reading. And then I sat down. It got quiet here.

Bill Brand is the best Redondo Beach offers. He is a selfless public servant and an open and caring man who is as effortlessly approachable as he is vigorously smart. Reading about his diagnosis was extremely difficult, but his line about being a “future cancer survivor” made me straighten my back and pump my fist. Yes, you will be once again, Mr. Mayor. Indeed you will be.

I just wanted to tell Bill “Thanks” for looking out for Redondo by recognizing that #WeRNot4Sale. All of this household’s positive vibrations are heading Bill’s way.

Stay #BrandStrong, Mr. Mayor.

—John Conyne, Redondo Beach

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