El Porto theft

In response to Response to Crime Reports, The Beach Reporter, 9/26/19:  Just curious, but isn't it about time that people parking in the El Porto parking lot took their keys with them instead of hiding them where thieves always look and steal from their "locked" cars?  Seems to happen every week.

—Patti Garrity, Manhattan Beach

Bicycles vs. cars

I am writing in response to the letter from Robert Bush ("Cyclists and Rules of the Road," The Beach Reporter, 9/26/19).  We should not make cycling harder. We should do more to encourage cycling. Cars are one of the biggest sources of pollution, from emissions to microplastic in the oceans (from tires).

Car drivers are dangerous and kill thousands each year. Our car-centric culture allows a car driver to kill a pedestrian and get off because the sun was in their eyes. Mr. Bush even says, "a person on a bicycle does not pose the same risk as a person driving a two-ton car." We should focus on reducing the threat that actually kills. Many of the laws for bicyclists shouldn't even be laws.

The current measures in all South Bay cities do little to encourage cycling and instead allow the dangerous environment on our streets to persist.

Here are a few of the steps to encourage bicycling. First, we should make a stop sign a yield for bicyclists. This law has been enacted by states throughout the country and California should follow.

Second, we should redesign our streets so they are safe for all types of transportation. Cars currently have priority, including in the "Mobility Plan" of Manhattan Beach. And, sharrows are a joke. All they do is encourage cars to drive too close to bicyclists, a violation for which the police never cite the car drivers. Instead, we need more bike lanes and paths.

—Melyssa Guerry, Hermosa Beach

Safety and Cycling

Robert Bush’s letter (“Cyclists and Rules of the Road,” The Beach Reporter, 9/26/19), is rife with inaccuracies and blatant bias against people like myself and my friends. I ride 150 miles a week in the South Bay and yes, I DO stop at stop signs and obey traffic laws. True, not all cyclists do, choosing to risk being injured or killed by distracted or rushed motorists who roll stop signs and run red lights. (And there’s more of THOSE than there are scofflaw bike riders.) However, if you think police hesitate to write tickets to cyclists, you haven’t ridden a bike in Palos Verdes, or along the Esplanade in Redondo Beach. BUT THE ISSUE ISN’T UNSAFE CYCLING. (Or for that matter, unsafe walking or jogging.) When you drive, it is your responsibility to do so in a safe manner, respecting other road users, and obeying all laws (including the one about cell phones). It takes a split second for a motorist to slow their vehicle and pass me at a distance of at least 3 feet. But I see parked cars given more space. Cycling is good for people and it’s good for the Earth. Until California has Complete Streets that protect all users, my friends, family and I respectfully ask South Bay motorists to give cyclists a brake!

—Dawn Rusalov, Redondo Beach

Correction re: HB School Board returns

This is a correction to my letter to the editor last week ("School Board transparency," The Beach Reporter, 10/3/19). I mistakenly used the term ‘tax returns’ instead of the correct description of ‘Audited Financial Statements’ or ‘District Financial Reports’ in my letter.  The Hermosa Beach School District has deleted all their Audited Financial Statements off their website for more than a year and a half now after voters passed a $59M facilities bond.

—Miyo Prassas, Hermosa Beach

Hermosa School District tax returns

I am responding to Miyo Prassas's most recent letter ("School Board transparency," The Beach Reporter, 10/3/19), excoriating the Hermosa School District, this time for the District's failure to release its tax returns. There is a simple reason the District has not released its tax returns - it, like all governmental units, does not file tax returns.

I think Ms. Prassas knows this—she has been a student and critic of the District for more than a decade now—but by charging the District with failing to provide its tax returns it seems she's drawing a false equivalence between the defiance and lack of accountability in President Trump's refusal to release his returns and the District's supposed lack of accountability in its failure to release its nonexistent returns.

As for her other concerns—that financial information is not on the District's web site—this is not entirely accurate. Each year the board is required by law to review the prior year's financial results, and the entire 100-page financial report for 2018-2019 is included in the September Board agenda meeting on the District web site. Prior year information is available for Hermosa, and in fact for all California school districts, at ed-data.org.

Ms. Prassas is right to expect transparency and accountability from the School District. But it seems her current critique is less about demanding accountability than it is about bending public perception and opinion toward her personal distaste for the District.

—Greg Breen, Hermosa Beach

Thanks from VP of MB Hometown Fair 

On behalf of the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Association, we’d like to thank the following businesses for their generosity:

Free game prizes: Adventure Plex, Beach Cities Health District, Color Me Mine, Fit4Mom, Go Kart World, Hangar 8, Johnny Rockets, Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody, Nick’s Manhattan Beach, Ocean Fitness, Rock Goddess Jewelry, Mulligan’s Family Fun Center, Rock & Brews, Round Table Pizza, Skechers, Toyota Sports Performance Center, Uncle Bills, WonderTree Kids and Zinc at Shade.

Fair Official Photographer: Chris Bernal, Auburn Ct Media

Friday Night BBQ entertainment: The Amani Experience and Dave Leahy

Northrop Grumman Corporation

The Fair’s success is also attributable to the involvement of many people, including our 21-member volunteer board. Thanks to each of you: Nellie Ambrose, Diane Charvat, Cheryl Cleamons, Tamarie Cuneo, Kim Edwards, Mark Finley, Wendy Gilbert, Tom Jeffry, Renee Hall, Jeanna Harkenrider, Anne Kelly, Mark Lipps, Robert Manriquez, Mary Morigaki, Mary O’Keefe Fay, Dana Old, Karen Tokashiki, Betty Wan, Peter Yollin, and Bea Zimbalist.

A special thank you to our community who came out to support the 47th Annual Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair!

Please join us for a public meeting on October 22nd at 7:00pm at the Joslyn Center. We encourage your feedback and support.

—Joe Marcy, Vice President, Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Association

MB Hometown Fair recap from Board President

On behalf of the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair Board, I would like to thank our wonderful community for your support of this year’s Fair! In our 47th year, we continue to hold onto the annual traditions of the Fair - fun games, great music on all 3 stages (congrats to Battle of the Bands winner Green Tomorrow); beautiful art and amazing performances in the Community Showcase; unique items from our arts & crafts vendors; delicious food, treats and games on our fields run by local non-profits; and of course, catching up with friends in our Wine and Beer Gardens.

I would also like to thank those from the city who support our efforts every year. As always, a thanks to our City Council led by Mayor Nancy Hersman, Mayor Pro Tem Richard Montgomery, Steve Napolitano, Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern. And to our City Manager Bruce Moe; Stephanie Katsouleas, Sean Roberts, Garret Stephen, Rudy Hurtado, Ken Tonkovich and Bonnie Shrewsbury in Public Works; Mark Leyman, Linda Robb, Michael Hudak and the staff from Parks & Recreation; Jan Buike and our OASIS Senior Center and to Jim Muth and the MPFD and Lt. Andy Harrod, Scott Combs and his team from MBPD who once again made it a safe fair for everyone.

The board would also like to extend a special thanks to those who put on our parade: Dave Rusher and his Woodie crew, Mike Tauber, Rick Reeley & Boy Scout Troop 849, Vivian Kelly & Kimberly Kabot and Girl Scout Troop 675, Heather Gold and MBMS choir and Joel Carlson and the MCHS Marching Band & Color Guard. A special thanks to Choura Rentals; Jim Ash AV, So Cal, Pro Time and Waste Management for all their hard work over the weekend. And to Water Replenishment District of Southern California for their donation of hydration stations. Thank you to Grades of Green and the 10K committee for their continued partnership.

We would also like to thank the MCHS Girls & Boys Golf, Swim & Dive Team, Softball and Rugby booster groups for staffing the Beer Garden and Anheuser Busch for their support; and to the MB Rotary and Soroptimists of MB for hosting the Wine Garden and to Deep Roots, Reliable Plant Service for their donations and American Wine and Spirits for their support of that venue.

The fair’s success is also attributable to the involvement many people, including our 21-member volunteer Board, who work tirelessly from March through October to coordinate the logistics of this event. We as a community, would not have this amazing weekend without them!

We look forward to seeing you all at the 48th Annual Hometown Fair on October 3rd and 4th, 2020!

—Bea Zimbalist, President, Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair

Supporting Massey

For more than 3 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justin Massey on our City Council. What I admire so much about Justin is that he doesn’t shy away from hard work and he has the tenacity to see complex issues through to resolution, always putting our community first.

On the infiltration subcommittee, Justin has done an immense amount of heavy lifting aimed at reaching consensus with our neighboring cities to ensure that Hermosa doesn’t absorb more than its fair share of the project’s cost.

On the downtown subcommittee, formed after three of our officers were assaulted in Pier Plaza, Justin has worked tirelessly to improve the lighting, aesthetics, and safety of Pier Plaza and the surrounding downtown. He’s remained steadfast in his efforts to ensure that we continue to implement important improvements in Lot A, along Hermosa Avenue and on Upper Pier Avenue.

It's easy for perennial candidates to criticize 'city hall’. But real leaders know that it takes hard work, imagination and dedication to identify and solve problems. In other words, it takes leadership. Justin offers the invaluable leadership that he has displayed over the past 4 years, the kind of leadership we need on the City Council today.

Please consider voting for Justin Massey on November 5th.

—Stacey Armato, Hermosa Beach


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