The Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors unveiled a new access mat at Torrance Beach on Tuesday, Sept. 15 — in an effort to make it easier for those with disabilities to cross the sand.

The mat is made of a nylon mesh, the Beaches and Harbors Department said in a recent statement. The mat is semi-permanent, meaning the multiple squares that comprise it can be rearranged or moved if needed, but are designed to remain at the beach for the long-term.

Overall, this is the county’s sixth access mat, including one at Dockweiler State Beach, in El Segundo.

The mat at Torrance Beach, which is near the Redondo Beach Pier, is from the brand AccessDeck. Hermosa Beach also installed an AccessDeck in 2017 as part of a pilot project. But that city has continued testing new mats, said Community Resources Manager Kelly Orta.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy Los Angeles County’s iconic beaches,” the Beaches and Harbors Department said in a Monday, Sept. 14, statement announcing the Torrance Beach mat. “The access mat is designed for people who use wheelchairs or may otherwise have difficulty traversing the sand.”

The county department, though, will also continue providing special beach wheelchairs, the statement said.

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