A sea lion pup, just six-months old, wandered across the sand in Manhattan Beach all the way to the doorstep of a home in the 2800 block of The Strand.

It was early Monday, Dec. 7, when residents out for a morning stroll spotted the pup and called Manhattan Beach Parking and Animal Control to report the unlikely visitor. MBPD officers determined the pup was undernourished, so they called marine rescue, said Sgt. Tim Zins.

The pup was transported to Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro where it will be feed gruel and learn how to fish on its own from one of the center's little pools, said MMCC's Peter Wallerstein.

Baby sea life wandering across vast sections of sand happens more than people think, said Wallerstein, who has rescued pups from even further away from the ocean.

Once, said Wallerstein, he recovered a sea lion pup in an LAX underground parking structure. To get there, the pup had to cross Dockweiler State Beach, heavily trafficked Vista Del Mar as well as Pershing Drive.

Typically the new sea lions have been recently weaned from their mothers and are seeking shelter. Wallerstein said he doesn't know why the pups hop out of the water when they get cold or why they keeping walking far away from the ocean.

He does know, however, this pup was born in June. How?

"All sea lions are born in June," said Wallerstein.

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