The S in S-Club stands for sports, and the new high-end workout facility may just offer the “last letter” in fitness health.

According to certified personal trainer and marketing director Molly Rood, the club had its soft opening in November, and will be holding a grand opening at its Manhattan Beach location on May 31.

“We will have food vendors, including Kettle Bell nutrition food delivery service, free raffles, interactive classes—and Two X Two apparel will be completely dressing one person with free apparel,” she said.

S-Club co-founder Marco Nunez is the head athletic trainer of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Rood, Nunez, and co-principal Jim Landis are all South Bay locals, and they recognize there are already many gyms in the area, but Rood stresses that most focus on the workout experience itself.

“What is missing from most people’s routine is the recovery aspect," she said.

"People believe that for recovery they should just stay home and relax, when you really need an active process to stimulate blood flow and break up muscle knots. Our mission is for everyone to be able to utilize the tools that pro-athletes use in the workout and recovery process.”

Rood said South Bay residents are health aware, and that S-Club is offering tools for members to become the “healthiest version of themselves.”

Class size for their motivating workouts and recovery sessions are limited to a small six people per class for personal attention.

“That way we can really ensure that your form is correct and prevent any injuries," said Rood. "The workout is called Zone Flow, and it follows the same pattern each class, although the intensity of the cardio or the type of sprints we have you do may change. We offer ten scheduled classes a day.”

While the club currently has 100 members, the plan is to cap membership at 300 to provide the same intimate level of service.

There are a number of other unique aspects to the training and recovery program, including cryotherapy and the use of Normatec compression therapy boots.

“Both are part of the membership package. The Zone Flow classes end with cryotherapy if a member wants to use it. If it’s your first time, you’ll stay a minute and a half, but you can build up to 2 and a half minutes. We provide robe, slippers, socks and gloves for the experience,” said Rood.

She added that the boots are used during the training circuit to facilitate lympathic drainage and dilute the metabolic waste that accumulates in the body from working out.

Monthly membership is offered in several different tier packages that depend upon how often a member wishes to visit S-Club. The Bronze package allows four visits monthly at $109; the top of the line $549 membership allows 28 visits monthly.

S-Club is located at 1112 Manhattan Ave. in Manhattan Beach.

The grand opening runs from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for classes and food vendors, with the bulk of activities taking place 6 to 8 p.m. on May 31.

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