The Manhattan Beach Pier was locked on Friday March 20, 2020 and the volleyball nets came down as Los Angeles Beaches and Harbors crews took them down and hauled them away. (Photo by Chuck Bennett, Contributing Photographer)

The piers for the three beach cities have officially reopened.

The piers at Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach opened on Monday, June 15. The Redondo Beach Pier — which already had portions operating because of its shops and restaurants — opened Friday, June 12.

Piers were among the latest areas and businesses allowed to reopen, with restrictions, under a revised health order the LA County Department of Public Health issued on Thursday, but which went into effect Friday. Piers had been closed since March — along with most other public gathering spots — in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The modified health order also allowed the following to open, under strict health rules: gyms; pro sports arenas, but without fans; day camps, museums, zoos and aquariums; campgrounds and RV parks; swimming pools and other outdoor recreation; music, TV and film production; and hotels for leisure travel.

Manhattan Beach workers prepared for Monday’s visitors by power washing the pier over the weekend, as well as by adding signage reminding people to social distance and wear face coverings at the entrance, Mayor Richard Montgomery said.

“We had followed all of the protocols they had issued (and) no large spike in COVID-19 cases had occurred,” the mayor said, “even though our beaches and Strand have been open prior to Memorial Day.”

Hermosa Beach Pier also opened Monday, according to its website. Hermosa, per LA County guidelines, requires physical distance, no gatherings and face coverings at its pier — all standard safeguards against the coronavirus.

Redondo Beach had planned to fully reopen its pier on June 30, City Manager Joe Hoefgen said. But the city lifted restrictions on Friday, once the county’s revised health order went into effect.

People could already access portions of the Redondo Beach Pier, however, to visit shops and restaurants; to accommodate those customers, the city changed the barricade locations to show where pier access was allowed.

While piers are open, the amusement park aspects are not, said Carl Kemp, a spokesperson for the county’s Public Health Department.

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