Anita Avrick RBUSD

Outgoing Redondo Beach Unified School District Board Member Anita Avrick holds up a gift with her name on it during a tribute at her last board meeting Tuesday night, March 26, 2019. (Photo by David Rosenfeld)

Amid the heartfelt compliments and tearful goodbyes to Redondo Beach Unified School District Board Member Anita Avrick Tuesday night, March 26, who after eight years on the board has been termed out, one thing was exceptionally clear. 

Avrick is no ordinary board member.

From the teachers to the classified staff and Parent Teacher Association members who showered Avrick with flowers and hugs on Tuesday, Avrick has made a profound impact.

"I can’t take credit for this board," Avrick said. " I was just a part of it."

Kenny Pearson, president of the classified union, called Avrick an "incredible advocate." Redondo Beach Teacher Association President Monica Joyce said that Avrick has "always had their back."

To the teachers, Avrick said she could not thank them enough.

"They’ve always been amazing in this district," Avrick said. "This district has always meant so much. It made me proud to be part of something that everybody cares about."

Andrew DeBlock, representing Assemblymember Al Murasutchi, recognized Avrick for her advocacy work in Sacramento.

"It’s not often you see the benefits of someone travelling to Sacramento on their own time, haunting the halls of the members, following them around as she’s known for doing," LeBlock said. "I am proud to have someone from Redondo Beach mixing it up at the state level."

Among her fellow board members, including incoming member Raymur Flinn, Avrick played a crucial role urging them to run. Flinn, who replaces Avrick at the next board meeting, said it would be impossible to truly replace her.

"You've shown me what it means to be of service," Flinn said. "Your heart knows no bounds."

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