Redondo Marina Bike Rentals

Marina Bike Rentals first greeter may not be Craig Barnes, the owner of 26 years for the bike rental company. It's just as likely to be Abby, the bike rental shop's Corgy, who will lift her head and likely lie back down as you walk in.

The mom and pop shop, which sits on North Harbor Drive along the new Redondo Beach bike path, gets foot traffic from just about everyone.

Tourists staying in hotels, locals who don't feel like lugging their bikes out of the garage, and family members in from out of town looking to get out of the house on holidays stop by Marina Bike Rentals for an hour or day pass on a bike.

“I think it filled a necessity in the area,” he said.

He also has a somewhat surprising sect of customers—airline crews who stay in Redondo for a day or so. International crews from Air France, Lufthansa, and the like in particular love to rent bikes and ride up and down the area, going as far as the Venice fishing pier.

He offers helmets and bike locks for those who need them, and keeps a stash of inner tubes for any bike repairs needed on the bikes. His office, filled with shelves of products, is where Barnes keeps just about everything.

“This is my little man cave,” he said.

His wife works at the shop a few times a week, and his daughter is involved in local businesses around the area. The entrance, tucked right along the bike path, makes for a visible landmark along the coast line.

The new bike lanes haven't necessarily brought new business though, Barnes said. Instead, he sees more people from Hermosa and Manhattan Beaches traveling south to Redondo, now that there is easier access on the bike path.

“People really, really enjoy the bike path,” he said.

Of course, his business is dependent on the weather most days. But luckily, in a place like Redondo Beach, that's not much of a problem.

Marina Bike Rentals is open at 10 a.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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