This Manhattan Beach man will walk you through picking the ideal locations to snap the perfect shots -- literally.

“Photowalks with Jefferson Graham” debuted last month on Tubi, a free TV streaming service. Through his journeys, Graham intends to help people find the best Instagram-worthy spots and teach them how to get better photos at those locations.

He hosted an in-person photo walk at the Manhattan Beach pier in 2019, Graham said, and is doing another free, socially distanced photo walk there at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 3.

The show is geared toward the smartphone crowd, Graham said, because he doesn’t want people to have to buy equipment to take great photos. For example, he said, taking a photo of the Manhattan Beach pier while standing on the left side of it allows one to capture the sun and the pier itself. If you’re on the right side, he added, the sun won’t make it into the photo.

Graham in 2018 made a video documenting his travel photography in Osaka, Japan. When he showed it to a friend, the friend told him that travel videos are incomplete without photo tips.

He then started posting videos on YouTube showing people how to get the best pictures of Los Angeles sites such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Graham said. He then brought the work to a producer who told Graham he may be able to get him a half-hour TV spot.

He used to write about smartphone photo tips as a 36-year tech columnist for USA Today, and has photographed South Bay weddings, bar mitzvahs and people since the 1990s. After leaving the news outlet earlier this year, he’s found a way to marry the two professions.

Now, he’s traveled to places like Oregon, Morro Bay Hawaii and Portugal for episodes, Graham said, where he also interviews photographers local to those areas about their own picture-taking tips.

“A lot of people say ‘I wish my pictures looked as good as those postcards,’” Graham said. “I want to dissect the cards and tell people how to get those shots.”

His location-scouting process includes asking people who live and work in a particular city where to go for the best sunset and sunrise, Graham said, then putting the videos together.

“When I get into a town, the first thing I do is go to tourist locations (and) look at brochures, postcards and magazines,” Graham said. “I can tell from there what (the locals) identify as the best spots.”

Graham shoots every frame of the show himself, he said, produces and edits the film in his Manhattan Beach garage.

Watch “Photowalks with Jefferson Graham” on Tubi: Register to attend the April 3 photo walk on Eventbrite.

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