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Manhattan Beach resident Skaie Knox runs the blog HomeJelly.

Manhattan Beach resident Skaie Knox is a blogger with a mission: creating and sharing design, decor, and do-it-yourself projects. Based on information gleaned from her mother’s family and their life on a fifth generation Minnesota farm, Knox has created a delightful blog, HomeJelly, and an expansive blog-based career. Her trajectory began with her husband and brother in law’s website, Diggerslist.com.

“Diggerslist is a marketplace for excess home improvement items, like tiles, wood, anything used for renovation. Our public relations person said we needed a blog to go with the site to develop it, and in 2010, we started HomeJelly,” said Knox. “For the first six months, I was writing for Diggerslist, but after that, I was writing for me. I totally fell in love with it.”

Along with writing the blog for the last six years, Knox recently completed a series of 20 videos with Home Advisor, which she describes as having a concept similar to Angie’s List, but solely for home improvement. She’s also appeared on the Hallmark Channel Home and Family series, and has just signed a contract with Consumer Reports as a social ambassador, writing blogs and hosting a web series.

Knox is also a singer/songwriter and the blog was initially a good way for her to practice writing every day. But as she started developing her voice as a blogger, she realized how much she enjoyed her subject, and how much she knew about it.

“I realized all my life I had been sewing, gardening, cooking, doing DIY furniture restoration. I was really raised with a Minnesota-farm kind of influence. It was a discovered passion. I just love what I do every single day.”

She still has plenty of passion for her music as well, and has recently signed with Fervor Records.

“Their niche is signing music and bands from a specific era. I had an EP with songs I recorded in 1986, and they loved it. They’ve already placed one song on Bravo-TV’s A Girl’s Guide to Divorce,” she notes. “They did an actual release of the album, too, almost exactly to the day thirty years ago when I recorded the album. If someone had told me when I recorded it that I would be signed thirty years from today—well, it’s amazing.”

Diggerslist.com is thriving as well, with a relaunch about to take place.

“We’re really excited about that, because the site also partners with Habitat For Humanity’s Humanity ReStores. These are actual brick and mortar stores throughout the U.S. where you can buy—for fifty cents to the dollar—items donated by people, from paint to tile to flooring. It’s like a Home Depot where you never know what you’ll find.”

Knox is also going to start a web series with Habitat ReStores that she plans to call ReDIY.

“All the money the stores receive from buying items goes into the building of Habitat for Humanity homes. People don’t really know about the stores, and there are hundreds across the nation,” she reports. “I’m going to go in and kind of on-the-fly look for different items to rehab, repurpose, or to create something using the material.”

Because many of the items will also be on Diggerslist, Knox plans to blog about her finds on HopeJelly.

“I feel that people would save money on materials shopping in these stores, and be contributing to one of greatest organizations, the greatest charities in the world. They can donate items as well as buy at the stores,” Knox relates.

According to Knox’s friend, South Bay playwright Mary McGuire, “Skaie started this blog from scratch, and it’s doing very well. She is so fun and engaging, as a blogger, as a singer songwriter. She has a lot of energy and she’s always successful at what she does.”

All in all, Knox is thrilled with all of her projects.

“I’m going to be 50 years old on Christmas day, and it’s just amazing. My whole adage is: it’s never too late to dream. There are a lot of things I’m currently checking off and still checking off my bucket list,” she said. “If this was an article I was going to write to myself twenty years ago, I’d say ‘hey, stay the course, if you live and design your life like you design your home, with a passion, then you’ll always be happy.’ That’s really where my happiness lies, being in that space —my passion space.”

To experience more of her passion, check out her blog, HomeJelly.com.

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