The Hometown Fair brought thousands to Manhattan Beach Oct.5-6 for the 47th year.

As vendors sold their homemade crafts, live music groups serenaded fair-goers as they indulged in the event’s famous pepper bellies and fresh lemonade.

Sun revelers in the beer garden enjoyed Michelob Ultra and games of giant Connect Four as others gathered inside the Joslyn Center to admire hundreds of pieces of community art or watch dance groups perform.

Babies crawled across the finish line in the diaper derby as their parents waved iPhones to get their attention and six groups of young musicians competed in Battle of the Bands.

Against a backdrop of balmy 70-something degree weather and partially cloudy skies, the fair did not disappoint to thrill attendees of all ages.

It’s an event that thrives on tradition but that organizers say strives to incorporate new elements each year.

“We’re excited to continue some of the traditions and also make some fresh changes too to keep it exciting,” said Joe Marcy, vice president of the Hometown Fair Board.

This year, the Hometown Fair focused on sustainability—following suit with Manhattan Beach’s commitment to being an eco-friendly city.

To do so, hydration stations were set up at Live Oak and Dorsey Fields for attendees to fill up their own reusable containers.

The fair also operates without major corporate sponsors, according to its board members, who say fundraising for local groups, athletic teams, philanthropic clubs and more is a big part of the fair’s purpose.

“Every part of the fair gives back to the community,” Marcy added.

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