Trent Larson

Hermosa Beach City Council candidate Trent Larson. submitted photo

Editor’s note: This is the second of five stories about Hermosa Beach City Council candidates who are running in the Nov. 3 election. Last week we wrote about Jeff Duclos

Hermosa Beach City Council candidate Trent Larson is all about making a difference.

From the frigid football fields of western Montana to the fast-pace atmosphere within the corporate world, Larson has seen how teamwork and dedication to accomplishing far-reaching goals can reap countless benefits. And he is hoping to bring that game plan to Hermosa Beach if elected Nov. 3, touting an ability to create a cooperative Council, improve the environment and revitalize the city’s business corridors.

Larson’s first city-involved volunteer work started in Redondo Beach when he was on the Budget and Finance Commission in 2002. He then moved to Hermosa Beach in 2003 and continued giving back with a focus on helping youth through coaching in organizations such as Hermosa Beach Youth Basketball and AYSO, according to his campaign website. After seeing the difference he made in local children’s lives, Larson knew there was more he could offer his community at another level.

As a major account manager for Office Depot and Office Max, Larson has been instrumental in converting millions of dollars worth of customer purchases to eco-friendly products like recycled paper and remanufactured toner cartridges. He said his knowledge and commitment to living green will greatly benefit Hermosa Beach, which is a leading South Bay city for environmental-friendly living.

“We can and will show the rest of the world that you can have progress, excellent products, and both quality and sustainable living at the same time. We’re making a huge difference in the reduction of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide,” said Larson, who rides the campaign trail on his bicycle to reach as many Hermosans as possible.

Larson’s commitment to making a difference is what led him to run for public office. He said the current City Council isn’t working together, which negatively impacts the community.

“I plan to end the dysfunction in Hermosa Beach city government and get the council to work as a team,” he said. “We need to collaborate effectively and treat each other and city leaders with respect and dignity. I’m good at building a consensus from people who share different viewpoints on issues.”

Larson wants to protect the city’s small-town charm by creating a Council that is transparent and accountable. He said although “we live in the most populated county in the nation … we’re an oasis.” He said a healthy city government is vital to maintain that. He plans to “bring back the spirit of cooperation and community in City Hall, because working as a team is the only way to accomplish our objectives.”

Larson is dedicated to working collectively to reach bipartisan decisions and attract new businesses in the community too. He describes himself as a unification candidate who’ll work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

“As a Council we should be helping our businesses grow and prosper. Having a vibrant business community will increase our tax base and (make) our city more livable,” he said.

Born in the state of Washington, Larson graduated from the University of Montana Western on a football scholarship, earning a degree in Human Resource Management. That experience planted the foundation of his focus on being a team player. Also, Larson said he knows the local issues and what it means to be a beach cities residents since he’s lived in the South Bay since 1986, while his wife, Ann, is a native and their daughter attends Hermosa Valley School. Larson said he’s well aware of what’s important to Hermosa Beach and will be representing residents to accomplish what they want done.

“Being on the council is about supporting and acknowledging the needs and wants of all Hermosa residents,” he said.

Looking at the future of Hermosa Beach, Larson plans to focus on revitalizing commercial zones.

“In regard to the downtown area, we need to look at proposed parking structures, proposed Hermosa Avenue lane reduction, and the overall look and feel of the downtown area – from new hotels to land-use recommendations,” he said. “Areas such as Aviation corridor rebuilding and renewal, and Pacific Coast Highway improvements are key areas to address, as are alcohol related issues on Pier Plaza.”

Larson is also dedicated to exploring density and building-height codes and restrictions, along with public safety topics. He also wants to improve Council’s productivity, ability to compromise and responsiveness. Leading by example, his ultimate goal is to get the city functioning smoothly.

“I plan to listen to the voice of the residents and work with the council to be more productive, to make the most of our limited resources. I’ll promote appropriate decorum and facilitate open dialogue and vigorous debate,” he said. “Hard work, self-discipline, respect for others and a prosperous, healthy, livable vision for our city’s future are what the people of Hermosa want, and it’s what they will get if I’m elected.”

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