Temporary lane closures on Pier Avenue were approved by the Hermosa Beach City Council at its Tuesday meeting to facilitate foot traffic and outdoor dining and retail options during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, the council approved the temporary closing of vehicular traffic to one lane on both sides of Hermosa Avenue closest to the curbs from the 800 block of 8th Street to the 1300 block of 14th Street. There will also be an additional bike lane buffer as well as angle parking.

The concept approved Tuesday, which runs on Pier Avenue from Hermosa Avenue to Valley Drive, includes replacing all head-in diagonal parking with reverse angle parking, but parallel parking will remain on the south side of the street. Also, a painted bike lane will replace the car lane closest to the curbs, while the lane closest to the median is open for car traffic going both directions.

As with Hermosa Avenue, the project involves mostly restriping and new signage, according to Doug Krauss, the city's environmental program manager.

“There are no barriers being installed, no construction, meaning no concrete is being moved,” Krauss said. “This will just be painted signs for the most part.”

The Hermosa Beach City Council approved a temporary permit program earlier this year which allowed outdoor food and retail sales. That has allowed numerous outdoor dining decks in the city to help their struggling businesses.

The lane closures on both streets is expected to enhance the foot traffic and outdoor and dining options within the public right-of-way, according to the city.

“This is the time to try concepts and allow us to see and feel observe and discuss how this can work in our little footprint,” said Mayor Mary Campbell at Tuesday's meeting.

According to the city staff report, work on Pier Avenue could be completed in mid October. As with Hermosa Avenue, the lane closures will be in place for six months from implementation.

Restaurants and businesses interested in expanding still are required to apply for a temporary permit for outdoor dining and sales.

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