Community garage sales like this one in Lake Forest have sprung up in LA county cities to encourage residents to clear out garages so vehicles have somewhere to park other than the street. Hermosa Beach holds its third annual community garage sale on Jan. 25. (File photo)

The third annual Hermosa Beach Community-Wide Garage Sale takes place Saturday, Jan. 25 for those bargain hunters searching for a deal while allowing homeowners an opportunity to clear out that cluttered garage.

The garage sale began in 2018 as part of the Hermosa Beach Safe Access Sidewalk Education Program. It offered a way for residents to make space to park cars in garages, getting vehicles off sidewalks, according to Leeanne Singleton, the city's environmental analyst.

“There are certainly added benefits to this... getting people organized and clearing out unwanted items for homes and garage,” Singleton said. “From a sustainability perspective, we're extending the useful life of these items by reusing, reselling recycling them.”

For the first year, 150 homes were registered across the city, according to Singleton, “Which actually proved to be perhaps a little bit overwhelming for people who were participating in wanting to go to garage sales.” In 2019, it dipped to around 50 garage sales. This year, more than 70 have registered for the event.

Singleton said a map and list of the participates will be posted on the city's website on Wednesday.

“We're encouraging those who are selling items if they having something unique or different to use the #hermosagaragesale on Instagam,” Singleton said. “We can highlight those things leading up to the event, so people can focus where they may want to visit, knowing people are not going to be able to visit every single garage sale.”

Singleton said through a city survey and social media that the garage sale has had an impact.

“Every car that we can get off the sidewalk and into a garage is helpful... not every single person who is doing this is making the space, but we do get a handful every year,” Singleton said.

For those with unsold items, a donation center will be available in the afternoon at city hall. The Hermosa Beach Friends of the Library, Salvation Army and Athens Services will be on hand to accept donations or to haul off unwanted items.

“We wanted to make sure the work folks do in organizing and cleaning out their garage, that it doesn't get moved back in,” Singleton said.

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