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Racial slurs found scrawled in whipped cream on a public tennis court area in Hermosa Beach on Tuesday, June 18, prompted an investigation by police and earned condemnation from the city’s mayor on Saturday, June 22.

Workers discovered the vandalism inside of the gated and locked tennis area of the Hermosa Beach Community Center, 710 Pier Ave., officials for the city said in a statement. It happened in a corner outside the area of play, the statement said.

The vandalism featured repeated instances of a racial slur written in whipped cream, which has since been cleaned, Hermosa Beach Police Sgt. Mick Gaglia said Monday.

“We are appalled and disgusted by this reprehensible act of hate and will not stand for it,” Mayor Stacey Armato said in the statement.

Officers had not identified any potential suspect as of Monday evening, Gaglia said. Police may attempt to collect surveillance footage recorded in the area as part of their investigation.

Gaglia said it’s not uncommon for police to respond to reports of vandalism, but incidents targeting people specifically on the basis of race have been rare in Hermosa Beach.

Authorities urged anyone with information relevant to the incident to contact Hermosa Beach Police by dialing 310-524-2750.

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