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Emily Gee and Allie Bussjaeger are the new co-executive directors of Grades of Green.

Emily Gee and Allie Bussjaeger, who began as interns at the nonprofit more than seven years ago, have been appointed co-executive directors for Grades of Green.

The nonprofit, which began in 2008 by four local women, educates students throughout the country about protecting the environment. 

According to Gee, she and Bussjaeger have presented dozens of assemblies to schools in the area, helped South Bay students pass environmental laws such as the plastic straw and polystyrene bans.

"We have helped Grades of Green grow to support kids in more than 21 countries," said Bussjaeger. "We're excited to continue taking Grades of Green to new heights while continuing to honor the roots of this great community that is the incubator of environmental change."

Gee grew up in Hermosa Beach and attended Mira Costa High School. She hold a master's degree in strategic public relations. Bussjaeger, who has a master's degree in nonprofit management, currently lives in the South Bay.

The pair replaces Susan Warshaw who took on the Grades of Green executive director role late 2016 after performing the function with Manhattan Beach Education Foundation.

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