Hubble founder David Burchianti with his product on the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Hubble founder David Burchianti with his product on the Manhattan Beach Pier.

A few years back, Manhattan Beach’s David Burchianti was cycling to Malibu when he discovered cold pressed juice. At the time it was a new, more fresh way to process juice.

But Burchianti was a lover of carbonated drinks.

“There was nothing I could find that was as fresh and healthy and pure as cold pressed juice when I wanted something with carbonation,” Burchianti said.

So Burchianti set out to create his own fresh carbonated juice and developed Hubble, which launched in stores in June 2018 and has since expanded to 14 locations. Hubble is available in three flavors including Ginger Apple, Watermelon Mint and Orange Turmeric.

“It has the same soda sensation, but the health of cold pressed juice,” Burchianti said.

What makes Hubble (Healthy Bubble) unique, Burchianti said, is that there is minimal processing and the juice is pasteurized through High Pressure Processing (HPP) instead of heat which “allows you to keep the nutrients and keep the flavor and keep the freshness.”

“There are no sugars added, no concentrates, no bad stuff,” he said. “It’s a fresh, clean, sparkling juice experience.”

Burchianti started Hubble at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and was there for 10 months tweaking things. His first store customer was Homie Manhattan Beach, which had just opened when they started carrying the juice. Other local businesses such as Grow Market and Cafe Wild, in Manhattan Beach, have given him local support.

The health conscious Burchianti said he feels Hubble has had early success because it’s a healthy alternative to soda. It has only three or four ingredients, it has 25 percent less sugar (except watermelon) than leading pressed juices, and it is also infused with water to lower the sugar content and to balance the flavor.

He said Hubble’s tag line is “refresh your senses” for a reason.

Sparkling Juice is a familiar concept, but no one has elevated it to today's consumers tastes and trends,” Burchianti said. 

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