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Anastasia Zievako in her Manhattan Beach shop CaliBouquet

Anastasia Zievako launched her new brick and mortar store in Manhattan Beach in July after starting the company as an online flower delivery service in 2016.

For special floral gifts or table arrangements this holiday season, Zievako asserts her company is the place to go.

“We create unique European-style arrangements and provide high-quality flowers from local farms,” she said, adding that she chose the flower business inspired by her mother.

“Gardening is her hobby, and she spends most of her time gardening and taking care of flowers and plants. Flowers are my passion, and I got that from my mother.”

Zievako said she is “in love with” flowers, and offers her customers just about any service imaginable when it comes to flowers or plants.

“Most popular, of course, is our flower delivery. We have a wide range of prices and styles of pre-made bouquets on our website. In case customers can't find anything to match their needs or requirements, we also create custom-designed arrangements based on the occasion, color palette, or anything else the customer may wish for,” Zievako said.

Another popular service for Cali Bouquet is wedding flower decorations. “Each wedding is unique, that’s why we have a dedicated experienced florist designer to help with suggesting flowers and decorations for the couple’s special day.”

Zievako said the quality of her flowers is important to her and to her customers.

“We use only fresh, hand-picked flowers from local farms like Mellano & Company, Camflor, and Sun Valley among others," she said.

Zievako relates the most unique items she offers are her signature hand-tied bouquets.

“They’re made by the ‘spiral method’ and wrapped in a waterproof paper. The pricing starts from $25, which makes it the easiest way to grab and go an arrangement,” she said. “These types of bouquets are made live, so the customers can pick the flowers they want and observe the whole process.”

As to the most popular items in the shop, Zievako said that’s her flowers in hat box arrangements.

“We have great variety of high quality hat boxes. Customers love these types of arrangements, because first of all they look amazing; and you don’t have to do anything to take care of them. Usually you can enjoy our arrangements in the hat boxes up to 2 weeks.”

As to the future, Zievako says she’s constantly growing her team with talented and passionate florist-designers. But just ahead for the holiday season, she has a collection of Christmas wreaths and arrangements.

The company offers free local delivery in Manhattan Beach and El Segundo; however Zievako wants to invite everyone to come to the store and see the wide variety of holiday décor she has to offer.

Cali Bouquet is located at 3516 Highland Ave. in Manhattan Beach.

For more information, visit calibouquet.com or call (818)745-1222.

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