Pita Pit in Hermosa Beach

Gyro making at Pita Pit in Hermosa Beach

Located on Hermosa Ave. down by the pier, Pita Pit is a fun and unique place to pick up a quick meal. Its small and satisfying menu makes for stepping a little outside your comfort zone, in the best way. Gyros, a delectable snack somewhere between a wrap and a sandwich, are a traditional Greek meal typically stuffed with lamb. However, at Pita Pit, vegetarians can substitute falafel or veggies for a delicious alternative, or the carb-conscious can have a gyro served over a salad instead of in flatbread.

Pita Pit’s flexibility, and the way you can customize your meal, makes it appealing to everyone. For my mom, less of a meat-lover, a falafel gyro was the best bet. Deep-fried chickpeas, fresh vegetables, hummus and smooth tzatziki sauce all combined to make a crunchy, cool wrap best eaten right away. I didn’t think I would be a fan of the falafel, especially in a sandwich, but it was perfectly spiced and hot off the stovetop. I found myself wanting more of it!

For children 12 and under, the Kids’ Club menu is a great place to start. Deli-style turkey or ham make for classic and scrumptious wraps, and white chicken breast or “quesapitas” (grilled pita with cheese) are other timeless favorites any kid would love. A little more adventurous, the “Li’l Hummus” comes with chickpeas, garlic and tahini spread, which is a Middle Eastern sesame seed-lemon sauce. This unarguably pleasing kids’ menu makes Pita Pit an ideal destination for families.

Another reason Pita Pit is so convenient is its efficiency. To receive your meal, simply order and pay at the counter, choose your toppings, and then reach over the counter for your wrap and be on your way.

Usually when I stop by, I am looking to order a meat gyro but not necessarily one with all of the lamb, ham or turkey that the Pita Pit has to offer. So for me, the chicken souvlaki and chicken caesar were the best bets. I liked the chicken souvlaki, which was chicken in Mediterranean seasoning, but I enjoyed the chicken-bacon-caesar combo a lot more. On the side, there is a bar where they fill your pita with vegetables and sauces while your meat/protein cooks. The sauces guarantee a tangy, juicy gyro. I ordered mine with avocado, hummus and the refreshing tzatziki spread. For my vegetables, I dressed my gyro a lot like your ideal Subway sandwich; for me it was olives, pickles, banana peppers and cilantro.

The employees at Pita Pit have a true talent for packing as much into little pitas as possible. Each gyro is overpacked, making it entirely satisfying, a complete meal. They don’t skimp out on anything here! In all, the Pita Pit experience is one that you can’t go wrong with, and I can’t wait to return and try something new.

Hermosan Megan Garringer is a freshman at Mira Costa High School. She's been a "foodie" since she was in elementary school. When she isn't visiting restaurants and eating delicious food, she's busy running cross country and playing soccer. Follow Megan's culinary adventures on beachcitiesdining.com and visit her blog at southbayfood.com

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