A new novel by author Nicole Wachell combines story with art, an interactive website and a math concept known as Pascal's Triangle.

The book, "A Right Amount of Brilliance," is about two university professors who learn they are biological twins. As they proceed to explore their families' histories, they experience conflicts between themselves and within their careers. The novel's structure relates to Pascal's Triangle which starts with the numeral one and continues with rows containing the sum of each preceding row.

Wachell explained, "the idea of twins separated at a young age is similar in that you start with one then a split occurs and evolves in different ways."

Each chapter of the book incorporates math and literature by introducing an equation and following with a related story component. For example, an equation consisting of even numbers and a character getting even in some aspect of a relationship.

Art is added to the creative mix with illustrations by Wachell that can be viewed on the website, pascalstrianglenovel.com (click on Navigating the Triangle).

Wachell is an English teacher at Mira Costa High School and this is her first published work. She will discuss "A Right Amount of Brilliance" in a virtual conversation sponsored by Pages bookstore on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 5 p.m.

To reserve and get the Zoom link, go to Upcoming Events on the website pagesabookstore.com.

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