Manhattan Beach resident and author Seth Fishman is launching his second children’s book, "Power Up," Saturday, March 30, at the Manhattan Beach Barnes & Noble.

Fishman’s first book, "A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars," is an award-winning story about space and numbers; his new title whimsically presents information on energy and the human body. The book is also Fishman’s second with illustrator Isabel Greenberg.

According to Fishman, his career as a children’s author was inspired initially by the birth of his son, and the familiar parental desire to answer any question a child might have.

“I figured my son would be interested in how many stars are in the sky, and when I discovered the answer, the book wrote itself. 'A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars did fairly well,'” he said, adding the Harper Collins Green Willow imprint bought four more books from him and illustrator Greenberg.

The books are directed at children in Kindergarten through 4th grade.

The author said the inspiration for his second title came from the superhero world.

“I thought it would be worth exploring how we as people, how children, have amazing things our bodies can do, even if they are not ‘quote unquote’ super heroes," said Fishman. "We still have natural super powers—I started thinking about that, and the book came out of that.”

"Power Up" opens with what Fishman describes as “a bold statement:" Your pinky finger has enough energy to light up New York City.

"Of course,” he laughed, “You can’t just plug your pinky into an outlet, but I remember learning these incredible equations when I was in college and high school and being blown away by the physics of it all.”

Fishman’s first book received the Mathical Award for bringing mathematics into its pages, and received accolades as best first book of the year from Amazon and the Planetary Society.

Fishman said he's tackling concepts difficult for even parents and teachers to comprehend, and simplifying them in a way even kids can understand.

Before venturing into children’s books, Fishman wrote two young adult books and he's a literary agent at the Gernert Company.

He said he’s always wanted to be a writer. Even as he’s involved in opening the agency’s first west coast office, he is excited about his first two books and says he loves writing and sharing them.

“I’m so excited to do school events in the area. My son is now four and a half, and I hope I will be able to do school events for him.” Fishman and his wife have a new baby on the way—which will doubtlessly inspire new topics for the author.

At Barnes & Noble, Fishman will read from both books, talk about them and demonstrate some a physics experiment that ties into the book.

Fishman will speak at 11 a.m., Saturday, March 30.

Barnes and Noble is located in the Manhattan Gateway shopping center at 1800 Rosecrans Ave Building B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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