Displaying her art in 180 retail stores nationwide is something new for Manhattan Beach-based artist Tricia Strickfaden.

A working artist for 20 years, Strickfaden created nine pieces of artwork to be installed in  Ann Taylor stores across the county for a period as long as 24-months.

 “The pieces are displayed throughout the stores, and there are nine works per store," explained Strickfaden, who added that Ann Taylor stores contacted her about custom making original black and white abstracts for three new store openings.

"So, I made them, and shipped them to New York where they were shipped to the stores,” she said.

Then came a somewhat surprising development.

“A few months ago, they reached out again and said would you consider selling us high-resolution images for use in all the stores. I said that I would license images for a certain amount of time.”

Ann Taylor agreed with her idea, and make prints of the paintings in-house, creating their own multiple reproductions.

“And that’s how I went from doing a few original pieces to reproduction prints in all these stores,” she said.

 In the Manhattan Beach location of Ann Taylor, Strickfaden is displaying what she describes as “Six gestural black and white abstracts, and three black and white collage pieces.”

Strickfaden notes every store has a slightly different combination of her work.

“They said nine images per store, but at the Manhattan Beach store, for example, there are a couple of the same images shown twice, one larger than another.

"Every store is a little different, but all are based on my recent black and white series. To display the pieces, they use existing frames where they’ve previously displayed art, so that some images are quite large, some around 40 x 50, while others are smaller.”

Her works in the Manhattan Beach Ann Taylor store will be up for at least a minimum of a year or more, said Strickfaden.

“This is a new project for me. I had not done a collaboration with a brand to this scale before, and it’s really a fun experience.”

Strickfaden, who has a background in modern design, has lived in the beach cities since 1987. Residing here has inspired her art.

“I started with modern landscapes, and the palette was definitely influenced by living near the ocean. After that I worked with abstract botanicals, and then my latest series are Urban Organics and my modern Black and White series. These works, too are influenced by a California life-style,” she said. 

Strickfaden, the founder of TS ModernArt Studio, says that Ann Taylor shoppers will also have the opportunity to purchase pieces from her collection directly from her website, www.tsmodernart.com/prints.

Currently, Strickfaden also has several original works on display at MASH Gallery in downtown LA’s arts district, in their 16-artist group show Radiant Spectrum, among them the intricate and lively puzzle pieces of “Nobody Walks in LA,” a bevy of vibrant abstract yellows and oranges.

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