The El Segundo Art Walk returns for a second year Thursday, June 16, bringing an eclectic mix of artists to Main Street and Smoky Hollow.

Creative businesses such as art galleries, photography studios and a custom motorcycle artist studio will open their doors from 5 to 9 p.m. The event is not a guided walk, according to founder Holly Socrates, who has her own gallery at 150 Main Street. Instead, everything is in walking distance. Smoky Hollow, a warehouse area, is a block away from Main Street.

Socrates said he had an idea for an art walk after she opened her gallery a year and a half ago.

“As I was meeting my neighbors and getting used to the neighborhood, I was meeting all of these business owners and I realized everybody that I was meeting was doing something very creative, kind of out of the box ... as I was discovering all of these warehouses and their transformations, it was really inspiring what they did with their own business and how they created a name for themselves. I thought if I’m this curious to see what’s inside all of these buildings, I’’m sure other people will be as well,” Socrates said.

The art walk takes place the third Thursday of June (16th), July (21st) and August (18th). Last year, after the June event, Socrates said attendance doubled each month. Last year, she called every artist she knew to participate. This year, there were more artists than venues.

“There were warehouse spaces that had one or two artists,” Socrates said. “Now there will be six artists to those spaces. It feels fuller.”

Socrates believes the art walk will help put El Segundo on the map.

“Because it’s not waterfront and you kind of drive past it on Sepulveda, people forget that it’s there,” she said. “But the art walk is kind of the defibrillator for the city to give it new attention.”

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