Beginning in 1960, 1511 S. Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach has been home to four different eateries.

Until 2002, it was the Wooden Shoe, run by Wally Botello and then John Georgoulis, who, in his 90's, still visits the restaurant.

Then it was a Rocky Cola Cafe for a few years, followed by the Redondo Beach Cafe from 2004 to 2018. 

The short-lived Hawaiian Shaka Burger, lasted from April 2018 to June 2019, according to 1511 general manager Johnny Watkins.

And, now the iconic Redondo Beach location is now simply known as: 1511.

Watkins, who was also the manager at Redondo Beach Cafe, said the new owners started renovating the exterior and revamped and upgraded the menu before the doors were opened.

“It's exactly what the area needs, ton of parking, you can come in and grab a table and sit down... eat something and be on your way,” Watkins said. “Everyone here knows the servers and everybody is friends with everybody.”

The majority of the menu is new including watermelon brochettes, and other dishes upgraded to include breakfasts with cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef.

The menu also has a “Blast from the Past” section that features Greek dishes that made the Redondo Beach Cafe a popular eatery, including a Greek salad and a gyro plate. Other popular dishes returning include their poutine and chicken club sandwich.

Watkins said exterior remodeling included a neon marque and they made the parking lot ADA compliant. Interior remodeling will also take place.

“It's cool to keep an old school classic feel, like the counter is nice and the chairs are cool, but it can certainly be updated,” Watkins said.

Watkins said 1511 has “uncomplicated food.”

“Everything's fancy in the (Riviera) Village and everything's a little expensive... it's all very nice (but) there's no where you can go and sit down by yourself and drink an ice tea, play on your phone and eat a good meal and not pay $25,” Watkins said.

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