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Comedian Jackie Fabulous performs at Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach Thursday, Jan. 6. (Photo by Chris Hastons)

Comedian Jackie Fabulous joked “let me get my flask” before her performance on “America's Got Talent” which aired on NBC Tuesday.

The judging panel included two comedy legends, regular judge Howie Mandel and guest judge Jay Leno, who Fabulous commented that she was nervous about because Leno “was not warming up to any of the comedians.”

But Fabulous' performance impressed all five judges, who gave her a standing ovation, and she was voted through to the show's live rounds in Hollywood, where the quarterfinals begin Tuesday, Aug. 13.

“You're hilarious and you're very naughty Jackie,” said “AGT” creator and judge Simon Cowell after her performance.

Years before Fabulous impressed the judges on “AGT,” she worked as a lawyer at LegalZoom.com in Hollywood.

A friend told her about a comedy writing class because she was a “funny girl at work.”

“I'm like 'sure,'" said Fabulous. "My 9 to 5 job was not fulfilling and when 5 o'clock hit I had plenty of energy, so I took a writing class.”

The comedian is no stranger to the Comedy and Magic Club stage, where Leno is a regular Sunday nights. Fabulous will perform at the club on Aug. 13, 14 and 15.

AGT standing ovation

Fabulous received praise from all four judges, which includes newcomers Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union, on the season premiere of “AGT” which aired on May 28. Television viewers did not see her again until Aug. 6 when she appeared on a “Judge Cuts 4” episode.

On that May 28 episode, her story was featured. She said she went to the audition with her set ready to go, but then they began asking her a lot of questions. She said she was just happy to be there.

“I think that TV enjoys someone who's already nice, we don't have to make her into anything, she's already coming to us assembled already,” said Fabulous on why she believes she was featured on the show.

On Tuesday's episode, Fabulous' mother was featured as someone who was not happy about her career choice.

Her mother “still tells friends my daughter works in the legal field,” Fabulous said.

But after Fabulous advanced, her mother said her legs were shaking.

Road to the stage

Six weeks following her writing class, along with students from the class, she performed at the Hollywood Improv. This was her first public performance outside her class.

“There were no career aspirations, there were no goals, it was something to do after work and I loved it,” Fabulous said.

But the lawyer has since been busy touring with her stand-up routine. She's also become a motivational speaker who creates workshops to empower women and encourage them to "find the funny in their flaws."

“I always talk about relatable things, I don't have an abstract mind," said Fabulous. "I talk about what happened to me at the gym, at the grocery store, on a date with a guy, hanging out with my girlfriends."

'Comedy home'

Fabulous said when she first appeared at the Comedy and Magic Club, she knew she was “legitimately a professional comic.”

“It's a comedy home,” said Fabulous about the Hermosa Beach institution. “I know that I'm welcomed there. I can prepare for any big event by doing small steps there as much as I want.”

For more information, visit jackiefabulous.com, or comedyandmagicclub.com.

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