Contemporary and industrial artist Claudia Meyer wants viewers of her latest show at the Manhattan Beach Art Center to be uplifted.

The rich, immersive experience, titled Immersio opens Nov. 1 with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. According to the artist, this is the first time she's done such an interactive exhibit.

The gallery experience allows viewers to “go up, down, sideways, turn around you—there are layers behind the layers," said Meyer. "This is the first time I am doing something like this, to see a little bit of how I can conceive my art.”

The collection of mixed media and sculptural works from the Swiss-born Meyer is supported both by the arts center and Time4Art, and curated by Time4Art founder Homeira Goldstein.

Meyer says she met Goldstein, an avid Manhattan Beach art collector, several times during her 30-years of exhibitions in the U.S.

“(Goldstein) visited my studio in Paris last year," said Meyer. "I have a big showroom there, where I can show the variety of my techniques, and she said we had to do something together. That’s how this show came about.” 

As an artist, Meyer often conveys a playful approach to her use of material, which exudes a serene, Zen-like, and yet interactive quality.

Working in a variety of mediums, in Immersio the artist’s latest abstract and sculptural visual “writing” was inspired by her on-going fascination with handwriting, lines, and light. In this exhibition and in other upcoming work, her focus is on technology, mixed media and the inspiration of nature.

“The whole show is about lines, the vibration between lines and light," said Meyer. "There are lots of reflections in it; there are a lot of spirals and symbols.”

Meyer's artistic vision begins at studios in Luzern, Switzerland and her location in Paris.

The international artist is a frequent presence in Los Angeles and in the Palm Springs area. She said she draws inspiration from many areas, from architecture and science to music, poetry and nature.  

“Creating is about stimulating new ideas and finding ways to articulate them," said Meyer. 

The exhibit at Manhattan Beach Art Center is part of a growing process for her.

“As you grow older, you know more techniques and go further and further, and this type of exhibition has evolved over time," said Meyer. "I am always evolving, I get new ideas while I am working on one project, make changes, and those changes lead in a new direction.”

Immersio runs through Dec. 29.

The Manhattan Beach Arts Center is located at 1560 Manhattan Beach Boulevard in Manhattan Beach. 

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