Brazilian-born artist Drica Lobo is celebrating 10 years living in Hermosa Beach with a brilliantly colored art exhibit at Java Man. Running until March 5, California Dreaming is a series of the artist’s high-spirited works.

“My work captures happiness and vibrant strokes, with an explosion of colors. It’s contemporary, semi-abstract and nature based,” said Lobo.

Lobo believes her work encourages a state of mind that’s all about freedom, and serves as a stepping stone for viewers to “feel great” while discovering her paintings’ depth and texture.

She came to Java Man when friends told her Hermosa’s oldest coffee house was looking for local artists.

“I immediately sent my proposal, but then waited almost a year to show my artwork. I live just down the street, and have always been a huge fan of that place. Such a great atmosphere for people to look at your artwork while enjoying their coffee,” she said.

Lobo says the exhibition is an extension of her previous body of work, but one which utilizes some new techniques.

“Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to master your artwork. So I pretty much paint every day to show my public a better work every time they come to my art shows. Art is limitless,” she explains.

The artist works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas or wood. She likes to play with colors in a natural way, creating exuberant, light-filled images.

“My texture comes from years painting oils. I don’t use any other medium to bring my textures to life, just a mix of colors and some magic. I’m always looking to explore and get better.”

She wants those who view her artwork to know that her paintings are created to describe the passions in her life, and to experience the same free state of mind while viewing her work that she does when creating it.

“I love to inspire and make people feel happy when they look at my artwork. I silently try to obey my own internal feelings, always searching for true ways of expression according to my temperament and skills,” she said. “I often employ bold colors and emotive tableaux in a modern manner.”

Lobo says that living in Hermosa Beach has been good for her and for her art.

“My body of work changed based on the beach life that I have and love. I love nature and where I live.”

And, Lobo loves exhibiting where she lives.

“I exhibited in Sao Paulo Brazil, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and only about 2 years ago I started to show my art in the beach cities. I feel honored to show my artwork where all my inspiration come from,” she said. “Hermosa Beach is where and why I achieved a new aesthetic in my work.”

Lobo’s compact art studio is her garage, which she gave up car storage space to achieve. Along with exhibiting her paintings, she teaches art—at local homes, for couples, a girl’s “night in,” or at happy hour venues.

“My classes are called ‘Drip. Drop. Drica,’ and during spring and summer I also offer free classes in a park,” she said.

Along with her on-going Java Man exhibit, this Saturday, Feb. 11, Lobo will also be exhibiting at Hermosa Design at “Water & Wood,” a group showing curated by Rafael McMaster and organized by the Hermosa Beach Arts Collective.

Hermosa Design is located at 618 Cypress Ave.; Java Man is at 157 Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach.

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