Body painter and photographer Paul Roustan wants people to have fun with his art.

And, that's certainly the case with latest show, Halloween Bash, at Resin gallery in Hermosa Beach, which opens Saturday, Oct. 26.

“I think that’s a much needed thing in the art world,” said Roustan. “The art world has a lot to do with politics and people’s issues with certain things. I don’t think its wrong for me to just create art that’s fun and give a place to see something that will make them excited or feel good as oppose to agree with something negative.”

The Halloween Bash features live body painting, installations, photographs, video, live music from Thes One, who is part of the hip hop duo People Under the Stairs, and lots of candy.

“It will be full of lots of cool, scary, creepy stuff like an old school 80s Halloween party,” Roustan said. “It will be dark, black lights, cool colors and spiderwebs, lots of candy. I’m so big on nostalgia, always.”

Roustan said he has fond memories of attending his older sister's Halloween high school party. He was around 7 years old and she was a senior.

“It’s locked in my memory,” said Roustan of those parties. “I kind of want that to be representative of what this is going to be.”

Halloween is Roustan's favorite holiday, so the Halloween Bash features work that is more on the “darker side.”

“I love Christmas, but for some reason Halloween has always been the most fascinating… I love ghost stories and it kind of lends itself to my work, which often is like costuming, decoding a human body,” Roustan said.

Part of the show will be four “creepy” body painted floor models.

“It's going to be something you don’t see every day and its going to be something you don’t want to miss,” Roustan said.

Roustan started using naked bodies as his canvas at a young age, but he didn't start making body art until after he attended a “boot camp,” drawing caricatures at Six Flags Great America in Chicago.

After two seasons there, Roustan became an illustrator for an adult magazine in Boston in 2005, where he was first published, and on the side he airbrushed T-shirts. 

He has been named North American Body Paint Champion and his work was published in a coffee table book, “Roustan: Body Paint,” in 2015. He recently published his second book, “Roustan Body Paint Vol. 2,” which will be available for pre-order at the Halloween Bash and for sale on his website,

Most of his recent shows have harkened back to the 1980s, with a goal to make the shows “fun and unique.”

“It's not just walking into a gallery and looking at art and leaving,” Roustan said. “I try to make it experiential.”

Roustan's Halloween Bash opens Oct. 26, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Resin, located at 618 Cypress Ave. The exhibit runs for one week, until Saturday, Nov. 2.

The Halloween Bash invites guests to come dressed for a costume contest offering a chance to win photographic artwork by Roustan.

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