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Timothy Robert Smith was named on Monday the artist for the the ninth mural in the Hermosa Beach Murals Project. The mural, with a theme of Hermosa Beach's counterculture past, will be unveiled on Oct. 23.

Timothy Robert Smith was commissioned to be the ninth artist in the Hermosa Beach Murals Project, it was announced Monday.

The theme for the ninth mural is Hermosa Beach's “bohemian and counterculture roots as reflected in three of the city's iconic venues on Pier Avenue,” including the Insomniac, Either/Or Bookstore and the Lighthouse Cafe.

“Each of the three venues was distinctive, but each attracted young artists and patrons who combined a love of jazz, Avant-garde literature, cafes, cheap coffee, cigarettes, black turtlenecks and berets and a disregard for mainstream values,” read the request for proposals.

Smith, who lives in Dana Point, paints in a dramatic, multi-perspective style that has been featured in murals at Laguna College of Art and Design. That mural, titled "Upside Downtown Laguna Beach" explores how each person has an individual experience while viewing the same thing.

A pioneer of an artistic style he calls “multi-dimensionalism,” Smith aims to investigate the tenuous nature of reality through multiple perspectives to create a cinematic experience. 

The Hermosa Beach Murals Project began in early 2010 with a goal of commissioning 10 murals within 10 years to emphasize the many aspects of the beach town's history.

The location of this latest mural, the ninth in the series of 10, has not yet been announced. The mural will be unveiled on October 23, 2019.

Topics/artists/locations for previous murals include:

1. Pier Plaza circa 1924, Art Mortimer, 14th and Hermosa Ave.

2. Hermosa Splash circa 1909, Chris Coakley, 140 Pier Ave.

3. Hermosa Jazz, John Pugh, 1007 Hermosa Ave.

4. Evolution of swimwear, Steve Shriver, 500 Pier Ave.

5. Hermosa's Great Wave, John Van Hamersveld, Hermosa Avenue and 14th

6. Volleyball in Hermosa, Bo Bridges, 13th and Beach Drive

7. Lifeguards in Hermosa, Joanna Garel, 13th and Hermosa Avenue

8. Punk and skate in Hermosa, Daniel Inez, 13th and Hermosa Avenue

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