After nearly two years making their home on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, the Pacific Coast Gallery recently moved down the road to its new location at 1217 Highland Ave. in Manhattan Beach.

“It's a great space here and our lease was up... we had a great time here,” said photographer Matthew Welch, who opened the gallery with his wife Monica.

The Hermosa Beach residents moved to a new space that is similar in size. They will still be offering his work from local images of the South Bay to landscapes of distant places, as well as abstract and still life. Images from recent trips to Greece, the Alps, Venice and Croatia will soon be on display.

“It's a mix of about half local and half global,” Welch said. “People like to look at their own pier as it turns out.”

Welch's images can be blown up to cover large walls in homes or businesses.

Welch is one of the few photographers in the world that specializes in what he calls “Mega” photos. They recently installed photos at a hospital in Atlanta, some with the size of 10 feet by 15 feet.

At one law firm, he printed out a photo for one its hallways at 40 feet wide, by 3-feet in depth.

“It's really insane resolution,” Welch said.

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