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Blair Townsend creates one-of-a-kind furniture items that she has coined as “portraits” that reflect the lives of clients at her Redondo Beach studio.

She strives to create signature pieces that tell the stories of her patrons. Pieces are reflective of their lifestyles, their heart’s desires and their memories.

“I work to create furniture that captures and expresses the essence of my clients through the design and the materials of each individual customized piece,” Townsend said.

One of her finest masterpieces is a tabletop with a 5 foot long photograph of the water from Bora Bora underneath 3/4-inch glass for a woman who loves beach vacations.

Townsend launched her career in New York City’s East Village neighborhood. Her earliest experience with design was when she acted as an assistant for a project manager for the construction of Morgan’s Hotel. That was the first of Ian Schraeger’s boutique ventures.

She also had a stint in Haiti where she and a partner redesigned and ran the Oloffson Hotel. She then moved to Los Angeles and honed her design skills with the famed designer of the Beverly Hills restaurant Noa Noa, as well as Maxfield’s and the homes of producer Barry Levinson and Vidal Sassoon. She also worked for Roy McMakin, the designer of Getty Furnishings.

Blair Townsend Studio is located at 2893 190th Street in Redondo Beach

For more information, visit or call (310) 370-1333.

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