Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos founder Randy Wyner and franchise owner, Wee Man, pictured in front of the 'Jackass' stars Redondo Beach location. (photo by Michael Hixon)

Wee Man came to fame as a professional skater who broke approximately 10 bones for MTV's “Jackass” T.V. series and subsequent films. But the Torrance-raised Jason Acuna has ventured into safer territory in recent years, opening a Chronic Tacos franchise in Redondo Beach in 2008.

Now the chain is giving back. Now through Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 28, patrons of Chronic Tacos can enter for a chance to win a catered event for 30 guests. To enter, the contestant must email their name and city; contact information (email address and phone number); name of charity, along with a link to the website or brief background on charity; and summary of why the charity was chosen. Wee Man will chose the winner by Thanksgiving.

“The person who writes the best story and the most interesting email to us will probably be chosen, but we’re really excited about doing it,” said Chronic Tacos founder Randy Wyner, who opened his first store in 2002 in Newport Beach and now has more than 30 locations.

Wee Man had heard about Chronic Tacos from a friend. After meeting Wyner, he opened a franchise.

“I decided there was something better to do instead of wasting my money and blowing it, to actually invest in something and this was the first thing that popped up,” Wee Man said.

Wyner felt Wee Man's brand was a perfect fit for the growing company.

“Putting his brand, Wee Man, on top was something different for us to do, but we thought who we brand ourselves with and partner with is really important to us as a company and our future,” Wyner said. “We thought with Wee Man, it was a really good fit for the brand and he brings a lot to the table, his own fans. He’s like the mayor out here, he’s waving to everybody. He grew up here so we thought it was perfect to have that partnership.”

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