Sandy path

It’s been two weeks since high winds blew excessive amounts of sand onto the bike path in Manhattan Beach and there are no signs that the city has done anything to remove it. The sand has limited many sections of the bike path to a single lane at best and greatly increases the likelihood of accidents with other cyclists, skateboarders, skaters and pedestrians. How long will it take for the city of Manhattan Beach to clean the bike path and ensure people are safe?

—Matt Miller, Hermosa Beach

Education funding formula

I want to thank Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi for his efforts to increase funding for all our public schools. His efforts to try and force the legislature and the Governor to make education the funding priority in our state is long overdue. Fixing the current funding formula to ensure equitable funding for all public schools, including our schools in the South Bay, is much needed. I am glad to see that Assemblymember has made this issue a key priority.

—Gregory McGinity, Redondo Beach

Trusting in higher power

It brings me even greater sadness that one could be “dismayed” that the Torrance city council voted to put “In God We Trust “ in the council chambers.

In this diverse and pluralistic society, one should be more accepting of those who chose to practice a faith versus those who chose not to. I was amazed that they had the courage to do this, and find that their comments are not offensive to the majority of people whose beliefs do fit that particular mold. The Christians, Catholics, Jewish, Muslims and other faiths believe in a God, or the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness, can be grateful and not offended by their brave decision.

You are right, “such behavior was once common and accepted, but it is acceptable no longer” proves that because it may offend a few of you today does not reflect the beliefs of many more community members. Although there are many whose beliefs do not fit this mold there are many many more whose beliefs do.

—Michelle Goodlett, Hermosa Beach

Dog slapping

I thought long and hard before writing this, but to the man with the grey Great Dane who enters Veteran Parkway at Pine Avenue and Valley most mornings, your cruel and inhumane slapping of your dog (twice I have observed) is something that highly disturbs me. If you abuse your pet in public view, I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors. And to make your dog carry a towel in his mouth for blocks is equally cruel.

Today I witnessed you slap the dog so hard and loudly while you yelled at him to “pick it up” (towel dropped out of dog’s mouth). Your abuse caused me to quickly turn to see where the slapping noise was coming from and it was you two blocks away.

I am writing this letter in hopes that someone may personally know this man and for the dog’s sake, please intervene because this man should not own a pet of any kind.

—Mitch Ward, Manhattan Beach

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