Persistence in his DNA

The sadness I feel in my heart when learning of the news about Redondo Beach Mayor Brand is overwhelming to say the least. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bill Brand since 2009 when I was a staffer for Assemblymember Ted Lieu. There wasn’t an elected in the South Bay who called us more than Bill Brand. He was persistent, committed and incredibly articulate about every issue. The difference between Brand and other elected officials was that he was heartfelt and relentless. You knew he did his research and you knew the community was on his side.

Bill Brand has been fighting for open space and to fight big development for a little more than two decades. There isn’t a fiber in me that doesn’t think he’ll stop fighting—It’s in his DNA.

Mayor Brand, you’ve been a mentor, a dear friend and our Mayor. Your diplomatic tenacity is unmatched. Our community is far better off because of you and your efforts certainly don’t go unnoticed. We are grateful for every minute you’ve spent working to keep our beach town unique.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Brand and his family as he has supported our community. Let’s continue to share our heartfelt experiences with him when attending council meetings or through letters to the editor!

Meanwhile Mayor Brand, this community will be with you every single step of the way.

—Candace Nafissi, Redondo Beach

Beating the big C

My dear friend Bill Brand has been diagnosed with lung cancer. There are no words to adequately convey the sadness of this situation—on so many levels.

Bill has beaten the big “C” twice before, which in itself defies the odds. But that’s Bill – one in a million. He’s smart, physically fit, driven and inclusive. He has love and support from his remarkably resilient new wife Deirdre, family and close friends, a large network of really good, decent people, and great medical care. If anyone can beat this again, Bill can.

There’s strength to draw upon. However, we all have our weak moments and times of despair. Bill and Deirdre will both need a tremendous amount of love and support. Their network of family and close friends will need to support each other, too, to help him courageously and successfully fight this disease.

It’s so cruel to be dealt this card at this time when Bill has worked so hard and given so much to bring his personal and professional lives to such positive points. Few who devote themselves to community service reach his achievements. The unwarranted, malicious adversity he’s faced has been unspeakable. It’s time to give back to Bill with the same commitment, compassion, and support he’s spent the last two decades giving to us for a better quality of life.

God Bless Bill Brand, the Brand Family and Redondo Beach. #BrandStrong #BillsArmy #WeLoveBill

—Lezlie Campeggi, Redondo Beach

Trust God on Sunday

It is always curious to me that those who advocate the exercise of religion in government cry foul when others remind them that the U.S. is not ruled by a tyranny of the majority. The fact that those who identify with a religion are more numerous than others is exactly the reason the constitution contains a clause separating of church and state. So get off your high horse and pray your butt off on Saturday, Sunday or any other day but stay out of imposing it on those who support the constitution

And on another topic…

Three letters to the editors last week? Police blotter tiny. Thats the stuff your readers actually care about.

—Steve Horowitz, Manhattan Beach

Editor’s response: Thanks, Steve! We can’t print letters if we don’t receive them. #StayOffFacebook #NevermindNextdoor #SaveLocalNews

Tour de Pier gratitude

On behalf of the benefiting charities of the Tour de Pier, I wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to the Manhattan Beach mayor, city officials and personnel who all worked together to help us pull off the event this year in spite of the rain. For many in our community who are facing silent cancer battles, our event has become an opportunity to openly share, heal and celebrate life. The rain required the addition of tents and some logistical changes, which would not have been possible without the city’s flexibility and responsiveness. Ultimately, we raised the most we have in seven years and for many, me included, it turned out to be the most inspiring one yet. In short, thank you and well done.

—Heath Gregory, Manhattan Beach

Strand and Pier hotel

Thanks to the many supporters of our campaign to reduce the size of the proposed Hermosa Strand Hotel (www.facebook.com/SaveHermosaPlaza), the developers have continued to take cautious approaches for next steps in their design process. The EIR is not out yet and has a ways to go before approval. While eventually something will be built, it is far from certain what it will entail. It is important for concerned residents to stay involved.

Meanwhile on the existing property, Slater’s restaurant on the Strand, is requesting an approval to expand dining onto the existing parking lot. This maybe good news, suggesting that the future hotel is even further away from approval. Outdoor dining is a great use of that parking lot and will continue to preserve the small town character and Plaza public ocean views. To ensure we preserve Hermosa character, the outdoor dining should not include large obtrusive walls and massive umbrellas.

Let’s hope the Hermosa Beach City Council takes the action needed to preserve our character at the July 9 Council meeting.

—Dean Francois, Hermosa Beach

Dirty fast food spot

The Manhattan Beach Taco Bell on Sepulveda was so nasty.

There were a number of cars in the drive-through, so I decided to go inside for lunch. First I went to the restroom and was sickened to see a very dirty toilet. Then I went to flush the undoubtedly disgusting toilet handle but there were no paper towels to use on it or to clean my hands. I then flushed it anyway with bare fingers thinking I could wash my hands well, but there was no soap. I wiped my hands on my pants as much as I could and reservedly went to order food. On my way to order I saw a Taco Bell worker slumped in a booth with a bunch of wet paper towels on her head and face recovering from either hard work, a hangover, or some kind of medical episode. I then saw a person who looked like they had been waiting in line for decades. They looked dehydrated and their eyes were glazed over from waiting so long for someone to take their order. I gave the order line a try for about three minutes but nobody came. Nobody even yelled out, “I’ll be there in a minute.” At this point it was best to exit the establishment. To be honest, I will never return. I hope you have a better experience than me at this TB.

—Michael Pearson, Redondo Beach

Great theatre in Hermosa

New Stuff’s Productions comedy at the 2nd Story Theatre in Hermosa Beach is a raw, powerful production that spares no one. Exploring the world of writing and the arts, Seminar, shows the toughness one needs to remain in a world where the critics will eat you alive. At first glance, it is a tough show to watch, even with the many comedic touches, but after digesting it and peeling away the layers, I can see the brilliance of the show.

Better to be prepared for the real world when learning, than to have your heart ripped out by the critics. For there are no safe spaces or coloring rooms when it comes to editors or the buying public.

“Seminar” is a lesson in real life, and the actors perform their roles with raw emotion and enormous talent. And there are parts of the show that are very funny. Seminar is a must see. Support local theatre—be prepared to learn and be extremely entertained!

Shown the next two weekends Friday-Saturday at 8 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday at 2 p.m. at the 2nd Story Theatre in Hermosa Beach.

—Jonet Anderson, Manhattan Beach

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