About Maria Avenue

I’m sorry that Mr. Tedesco is inconvenienced by not being able to use Maria Avenue to get his son to Beryl School. His letter (Street blocked, The Beach Reporter, March 14, 2019) indicates he probably doesn’t know the history that led up to restricting the use of Maria. Maria Avenue is a residential street and has always had lots of children. It is also a street that children use to walk to Beryl School, located at Maria and Beryl. Unfortunately, the public started using Maria as a cut-through to avoid using collector streets, which are designed for much more traffic. Some of this traffic is attributed to parents/students trying for shortcuts to reach the high school, and some is attributed to commuters wanting to find a shortcut from PCH to Prospect. Until this traffic calming was installed, the traffic count on Maria was more than 1000 cars per day, with speeds often over 50 mph. The 85% speed was 33 mph, which is in a 25 mph school zone. This means that approximately 150 cars were exceeding this average speed of 33 mph.

The city installed edge line striping, which, in most cases will slow traffic. However, on Maria, the average speed increased to 34 mph. The traffic restriction device that has been installed is for the safety of the residents of Maria Avenue and also for the safety of the students of Beryl School. It should be noted that this costs much less than speed humps, and the fire and sanitation trucks are not restricted by this solution.

—Bill Lippert, Redondo Beach

Thank you, MB

Thank you to Manhattan Beach residents for the privilege of serving as your mayor and councilmember over the past eight years. It has been an honor to work with you, council colleagues, and city staff on initiatives to benefit our community. They included projects to rebuild our library, refurbish the Manhattan Beach Pier and Roundhouse Aquarium, and upgrade recreational fields; the joint agreement with MBUSD for community use of school facilities; advocacy to demand improved electric power reliability, return Vista Del Mar to two lanes, and reduce our environmental footprint; greater earthquake preparedness; and efforts to further open city government and increase residents’ participation. Beyond the initiatives, the most fulfilling work was helping individual residents with issues involving the City. The successes were a team effort. Thank you to my colleague of eight years Amy Howorth for continually reminding me public service should be joyful; my current colleagues Steve Napolitano, Nancy Hersman, Richard Montgomery and Amy for moving forward with longstanding community priorities through respectful, open discussions; our dedicated city staff; residents who offered positive and critical input that improved council decision-making; and my family who made it all possible. Congratulations to incoming Councilmembers Suzanne Hadley and Hildy Stern. To all, I look forward to seeing you in the community.

—David Lesser, Manhattan Beach

St. Paddy’s parade gratitude

The Chamber of Commerce would like to give thanks to the many people who helped make the 2019 Hermosa Beach St. Patrick’s Day parade such a big hit. Traditions such as this are what keep Hermosa Beach a fun-loving town and set us apart from other cities. We had tremendous attendance and this would not have been possible without support from our sponsors, volunteers and community. Special thanks to Francisco Rendon of Anheuser Busch Sales of Beach Cities who brought the magnificent Budweiser Clydesdales. Due to their generosity, the horses remained on Pier Plaza for several hours. Thanks also to our sponsors: Walt Disney, who had two booths on the Plaza and flew Dumbo over the ocean, Kinecta Federal Credit Union, SCE, California Water, Kiwanis Club of Hermosa Beach, Skechers, MyCharge and e3 Vehicles. In addition, we would like to thank Maureen Hunt, Chamber President/CEO and Chamber staff Mandy Fontaine and John Farrales. Special acknowledgement to Andrea Jacobsson, co-chairman of the board who worked with Maureen Hunt to bring the Clydesdales to Hermosa Beach, Michael Bell of Bell Events, Corinne and Abel Ybarra, the many volunteers who helped organize the parade entrants and announcers Rick Koenig and Mark Willard. We especially appreciate El Segundo Museum of Driving which has donated antique cars for many years. Thanks also to the City of Hermosa Beach and City Council who approved our Fiesta contract which provides funding for community events such as this. Together as a community we make great things happen!

—Carolyn Petty, Hermosa Beach

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