Hermosa Beach police compensation

Re: "Police address city council as contract talks stall," The Beach Reporter, 12/19/19:  Gross domestic product runs 2.3% [this year], according to Kiplinger, and 1.8% next year with inflation of 1.7%. There is no reason for such a large increase in pay. Say no to price increases. It’s better [for] the sheriff to fund the police force. It’s cheaper. No more price increases that [are] above the inflation rate.

Al Cole

Taxpayer-funded political messages

Public servants, including elected officials, may not use taxpayer-funded resources to promote political candidates or causes, according to the California League of Cities Gov. Code § 54694.

Redondo Beach District 4 Councilmember John Gran and the city attorney were notified of Gran violating this code section on 11/12/19 at a city council meeting. As proof, a copy of his illegal mailer was presented and the specific violation, the use of his city issued email address was noted.

Since then nothing has happened and Gran has even doubled down by continuing to distribute even more material that continues to illegally use his city council email.

If that wasn’t bad enough Gran at a recent business networking meeting was distributing this same printed material, and even had proxy fund raise for him at a city library venue paid for by the city of Redondo Beach. So in effect your tax dollars were being used to fund his political campaign.

All of these are serious violations and must be acted upon.

Write to our Redondo Beach City Attorney Mike Webb and ask him to take action on Gran’s illegal activities at michael.webb@redondo.org

—Wayne Craig, Redondo Beach

City's response re: HB police negotiations

You may have seen signs about the Hermosa Beach Police and wondered why. The answer is they stem from the City’s labor negotiations with the union representing the police, the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association (HBPOA), which is distributing the signs. The City has met with the HBPOA 16 times over the last 8 months in an effort to reach agreement. The City has never proposed a substitute police force, such as the Sheriff's Department. The City will continue to work to reach a resolution we believe is fair and fiscally responsible. The City has offered a contract that raises compensation by 13% over 3 years, and raises vacation accrual rates, shift differential pay, Field Training Officer and Watch Commander pay, adds officer recruitment and retention bonuses of up to $10,000, and adds education incentives to pay for course fees, books, and tuition at CSU rates. We appreciate the input we have received and will continue to keep the public informed through our City’s website. For more information, please visit www.hermosabeach.gov.

—Hermosa Beach Mayor Mary Campbell

—Hermosa Beach Mayor Pro Tem Justin Massey

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