Manhattan Beach Police

Manhattan Beach police at the bottom of the pier on March 1, 2017.

Three local businesses in Manhattan Beach and El Segundo were cited for selling alcohol to minors May 17, according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

During a minor sting operation in which decoys were sent into 16 on-sale and 22 off-sale establishments within the two cities as well as Hermosa Beach in attempt to purchase alcohol, three establishments furnished alcoholic beverages to the minors.

These included: a CVS pharmacy at 1570 Rosecrans Avenue in Manhattan Beach; Cambria Hotel at 199 N. Continental Blvd. in El Segundo; and Tavern on Main at 123 Main St., also in El Segundo.

Employees working at the businesses were cited, according to MBPD Sgt. Chris Vargas.

“We expect the results of this minor decoy sting to provide a better understanding of the need to comply with alcohol related laws and regulations,” Vargas said in a May 22 press release.

Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and El Segundo police, as well as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department, have partnered to provide training to ABC licensed establishments, conduct brief training to patrol officers, conduct inspections and sting operations to determine if licensed established are abiding by laws, he added.

Manhattan Beach currently has 114 bars, restaurants and retail stores licensed to sell alcohol; Hermosa Beach has 96 and El Segundo has 103.


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